Top 10 movies of 2002

31 12 2002
For those of you who want to know, here is a list of the top 10 movies that we’ve watched this year that we’ve really liked and would recommend (in no particular order) – check them out if you get a chance!

Extreme Days My Big Fat Greek Wedding No Man's Land Donnie Darko LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring Gosford Park A Beautiful Mind Bourne Identity Ice Age Blue Crush

Extreme Days For what it is trying to do it is very successful! A road trip, extreme sport, minor plot B movie with a lot of laughs and a great moral/Christian message – search this out and rent it, SERIOUSLY!
My Big Fat Greek Wedding A fantastic movie about normal (looking and acting) people falling for each other but not getting parental approval. Very enjoyable and lots of laughs – I especially liked the baptism scene…
No Man’s Land Foreign film about the war in Bosnia, Interesting plot concept, great performances, not too heavy handed or biased make this a great film. Watch this if you get the chance!
Donnie Darko A troubled teenager has visions of a rabbit who tells of the world’s destruction. Very original story and mood made this an fantastic thriller. I like strange movies with weird endings - this is one of those…
The Lord of the RIngs: The Fellowship of the Ring A larger than life, eye-popping epic. Very watchable movie with great characters. A long movie with no ending, it’s only part 1 of 3 but still very recommendable. Our second viewing…
Gosford Park Great story, better characters, stellar acting in a real cinematic triumph that is not too difficult to watch (although you will need your thinking cap on). An intelligent movie that respects the viewer – an easy 8.
A Beautiful Mind I really don’t care for Russell Crowe but this movie still impressed me. I was impressed by how they handled the delicate material and fleshed out really human characters – great movie.
The Bourne Identity Good acting, Nice cinematography of France, reasonable story – almost as good as Mission : Impossible 1. A good spy movie. I know it’s not that smart but I really enjoyed watching this…
Ice Age Shrek-like 3D animation – tender story and some funny lines; squirrels have never been funnier. An easy recommendation for anyone!
Blue Crush Excellent surfing (better than most) but you must sit through a b-movie to get it. Think North Shore for 2002 – because everyone has seen North Shore. This is Heidi’s movie of the year – she saw it in the theatres twice!

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