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Your Engrish is bad!

24 07 2003

Gerrie Toufexis, that scourer of the Internet has dug up a few beauties with a ton of funny stuff – the most notable are: Engrish.com with some of my favorites being i hate myself, the happenings, thank you, no foreigners, and Heidi’s favorite, the Incas of Emergency. Another funny site was the dialect switching of Rinkworks – now you can switch any website or block of text into a different dialect, take a look at my site done up in Hacker. And as we know for every great site out there there’s a pile of stupid ones like airsicknessbags and burntfoodmuseum – sorry Gerrie – weird but not winners.

Lastly, a great joke from Amy, our wonderful friend from NY city who appreciates our Canadian oddities…

Two friends lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. They were sick of winter, so they went to a travel agent and booked a trip to Australia. When the two friends got off the plane – still wearing their down jackets, wool hats and snow boots – they wandered into a pub and sat down. The locals wondered about these strangers, so one of the Aussies walked over to the visitors and said, “G’day, mates. Where’re you from?”
“Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,” one of the Canadians replied.
“Oh,” said the Aussie, returning to his table.
“So where are they from?” the other locals asked.
“Don’t know,” replied the Aussie. “They don’t speak English.”

Bob McKenzie: He once got our dead battery goin by mixin’ bird feces and spit, cause there’s like acids in it, eh?

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