Top 10 movies of 2003

31 12 2003
Okay, I have a ton of things to do as I haven’t updated in a really long time! Heidi and I had a great time back home for the family Christmas and had a lot of fun with our expanded families (yeah Jacquie and Dan!). Here’s some of the things that I’ve been meaning to put up over the last while starting with the top 10 list for 2003 (meaning movies that I saw for the first time in 2003).

LOTR 3 Punch Drunk Love Vanilla Sky Lost in Translation Gangs of New York DogTown and Z-Boys Three Seasons Dr. Strangelove Almost Famous The Seven Samurai

LOTR 3: The Return of the King What can you really say – this movie makes it into the top 10 list so easily it almost doesn’t need to be here – like it’s just unspoken – anyways, a great conclusion, possibly the best of the three…
Punch Drunk Love This is another real winner. I gotta say that I don’t really like PTA but this one is an exception. Expertly crafted story about a loner boy in a family of overwheming sisters and the troubles he faces and how he deals with them. AS is amazing!
Vanilla Sky Definitely in the top 10 of this year. Some people love this, some hate it. I love the weirdness of it, the riddles that the movie takes you on and the fascinating Crowe dialogue. A real winner…
Lost in Translation This is one of the most interesting movies of this year. Great performances and storytelling make this plot-less movie very entertaining. A great show!
Gangs of New York So far, the best movie I’ve seen all year. Daniel Day Lewis was astounding as Bill the Butcher and this film really brought me back to the time. Great performances, great sets, and interesting true(ish) story.
DogTown and Z-Boys Heidi loved this documentary – it’s the introduction from some young punks in CA the skateboarding that we all know and love today. Well documented with many interesting personalities.
Three Seasons A sensational actual love story on all levels. All of the stories are about unconditional love and what that actually means. A phenomenal film (not too much Harvey Kietel which is good) – don’t miss this!
Dr. Strangelove Another great classic from Benoit! This movie was so funny that you don’t really know what’s hitting you the first time you see it so we had to watch a bunch of it again – great black satire!
Almost Famous The story of a young aspiring writer who gets a contract to write a story on a semi-famous band for Rolling Stone’s magazine. The characters are believable and they bring you into their world. Easy 8
The Seven Samurai An amazing cinematic masterpiece about the lives of Japanese rice farmers and their battle against bandits. The Samurai are so funny, not stoic like they’re usually portrayed – very enjoyable!

A lot more things are to follow in the next few days but I’m tired of computer work for now so I’ll hit back at you with more of this later…