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Urban Legends debunked

3 05 2004

In discussion with friends yesterday I realized that I believed an old urban legend that was simply not true! I actually thought that water swirled the other way when you went south of the equator but it actually doesn’t – totally false! I spent some time trying to fix up other inconsistencies in my thought process and found 2 other interesting ones here and here. And in my quest for more useless knowledge I turned to the internet when people believed that Marty McSorley actually spent hard time in jail for his stick incident about 3 years ago – I was sure that he didn’t have to.

My second brother Steve and his wife Lisa just had their very first child a few days ago named Elijah Steven Ray – the picture below pretty much sums up what kind of parents they’ll be – also there’s a nice picture of my oldest brother and his family that I hadn’t put up here yet…

Oh yeah – Calgary is up 3-2 over Detroit – go Flames!!

Yesterday we watched an old PBS special called Affluenza about the need for people to consume to feel good and how the media has played a huge part in that. The biggest forum they mentioned where that idea was directly fought was at AdBusters – which has a pretty cool website if you’re into that sort of thing. Along that line I’ve been watching foosball tables go on eBay and trying to figure out how I could get one into Canada not costing me as much as the table itself. More thinking will be required. I’ve also been thinking about a nice armstrap for the iPod – oh my it doesn’t end…

Professor G.H. Dorr: Madam, We must have waffles! We must all have waffles forthwith! We must think, and we must all have waffles, and think each and everyone of us to the best of his ability…

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