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Found some great pics

30 11 2005

I was browsing around Flickr today and found some pictures from our friends that are pretty neat.

Some of our Ultimate Frisbee team via Matt

And Chris and Sue were at our place this last weekend for the U2 concert and took some amazing pictures (I can’t believe the seats they got, well, not seats really at all!).

and more of our house and surroundings than we probably have :)

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All my teams lose in CFL

29 11 2005

On Sunday I had the really challenging task of taping the football game and trying hard over the course of the night to not find out who had won the game. I did manage to get home without knowing the outcome so the game was very entertaining. To Montreal’s demise I was actually cheering for them in this one, which makes it seem as though the teams I cheer for don’t do so well.

First was

Hamilton who is my favorite team and therefore didn’t even make the playoffs

So, in the playoffs, I picked my next favorite team

Saskatchewan who promptly lost to MTL in the first round.

I didn’t really care who won from there but in the finals I was cheering for MTL because I wanted Tom and Rob to get another victory, sadly, I was shut down again. Crazy Edmonton coming out of nowhere – now, for the Huskies in the Vanier Cup on Sunday – that’ll be a good one!

Oh, and a mennoboy success story! The guy that we met from Sask at the football game from Quebec City (pictured in the nook of Sacha right arm – in green) is actually a friend of ours from Saskatoon’s brother – top that one!

DuncanQuest map of Toronto

28 11 2005

DuncanQuest map of Toronto

My friend made me an intensely detailed map of TO for our visit there

Huskies advance to Vanier Cup!!

20 11 2005

Well, since the RoughRiders can’t get it done I’m so glad to see that my old college team, the Huskies, are making their way to the final again! It was a great semi-final game against the Rouge et Or and Heidi and I were happy to let our MTL friends know that our team beat theirs this time.

Making Hard Apple Cider

17 11 2005

Heidi and I are getting ready to make our hard apple cider tomorrow – we have all of the ingredients that we need and equipment, just not the expertise! So, I’m scouring the net for really simple things to do so I don’t get in over my head – I think I’ve got it!

from http://www.sallys-place.com/beverages/beer/hard_cider.htm

Cidermaking is easy and fun. Here is a basic recipe for a Farmhouse Style cider (ingredients for five gallons):

5 gallons of fresh pressed sweet apple juice (known today as apple cider)
5 cups of sugar
1 package of Wyeast liquid lager brewers yeast (available at homebrew supply stores)

Transfer the juice and sugar using a sanitized funnel or food grade plastic hose into a sanitized glass or stainless-steel container at room temperature. Allow the sugar to dissolve and then pitch the lager yeast and affix a fermentation lock atop the carboy. It will soon begin to bubble away releasing carbon dioxide as the yeast converts the sugars into alcohol. Allow the cider to ferment and mellow for at least two months before transferring it with your sanitized food grade hose into bottles, a keg, or any vessel you prefer. Then enjoy. Any homebrew supply shop can get you started with the proper advice and equipment.

The average worker bee makes 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

Sask vs. MTL playoffs

13 11 2005

Heidi and I were lucky enough to be able to attend the Sask vs. MTL playoff game this evening and were sorely disappointed to see Sask lose ugly. The three very bright spots of our otherwise dismal game were:

1) finding out that our friend, Sacha, was coincidentally sitting right behind us
Sask vs. MTL playoffs

2) getting a sympathy beer from the MTL fans when they were up 21-0 (mennonite dilemma!)
3) yelling at Rob Brown and actually getting his attention

Well, good times were had, maybe next year either my TiCats or the Roughriders will make it further…

Sask vs. MTL playoffs

Sask vs. MTL playoffs

Oh, and it was also pretty cool to meet a Sask fan about 6 rows back that also had gone to U of S and now teaches at a school in Quebec City! I love Saskatchewan!

Sask vs. MTL playoffs

AD on again of again, is OFF

10 11 2005

This sucks so much but it looks like Arrested Development is still not hitting their stride with viewers and are therefore about to get re-canned. so unfortunate.

On the much brighter note, I hear that fellow mennoboy Chris is going to be coming to MTL for a U2 concert in about 2 weeks. We’re so excited to see those dudes again!

Oh, and Heidi and I are going to the Sask vs MTL football game on sunday to cheer on those roughriders! What fun news!