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Oh no, not the Huskies too!

3 12 2005

I just finished watching the thrilling Vanier Cup final between the Huskies and Laurier in which we managed to lose the game. Truthfully, we were kind of lucky to be hanging around in that game but the end was so close and it was a tough one to lose. BTW – what was up with the 2 point convert attempt in the 3rd quarter??!! Awful call

Also, on the Narnia front

Douglas Gresham was brought up by C. S. Lewis and has now produced the film of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. He hopes that the movie won’t impart even a subliminal Christian message to young audiences because, he says, the Narnia books were not intended as Christian novels.

This is what I like to hear! To be clear – I like it because it seems like they’re trying to actually make a good movie instead of inserting a bunch of Christian propaganda in that no non-Christian will ever want to see…

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