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Moving to Vancouver??!!

29 01 2006

Heidi and I have been spending the last 7 days seriously considering moving from Montreal to downtown Vancouver! There’s so many reasons, top among them being that we would be closer to much of our family, it would be SO much easier for people to visit us and for us to visit them and we’re not feeling like MTL is long term lately, and I don’t think my work would care at all. That was our bombshell last weekend and it continues to mushroom all week. If this keeps expanding we may actually move there this summer – anyone know of any good rental property near downtown (Heidi’s thinking Kitsilano)?

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Apple Cider making process finished!

22 01 2006

Apple Cider making process finished!
Yesterday we finished up our cider and bottled it – we got about 70 bottles that should be ready in about 3 months…

Work Well Together

19 01 2006

Here’s a beauty from Jeremyhttp://www.email.net/work-well-together.html