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Welcome Saffron!

30 10 2006

On Saturday evening at 21:42, Heidi had a baby girl!! We have named her Saffron Petrie and she was 7lb15oz, 21″ long. She is a joy to be around – she feeds really well, she sleeps great and even entertains herself sometimes in between.

You can find information about her at mennogirl.com/saffron in the future (There’s nothing there right now) and many more pictures of her at Flickr – she doesn’t read so no email address for her yet…

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Rob gets a feature article!

26 10 2006

Every article on Rob talks about his faith and this one is no exception – super kudos to Rob (and Amber and Elijah!!)

“God is good,” he said. “I know there’s something greater and bigger than me.”

UPS gets a butt kicking

24 10 2006

I am so proud of this BC guy who is setting up a class action lawsuit to get some unconscionable money back from UPS. They charge about $40 just to bring things over the border which is enough for me to insist that people shipping me things don’t use UPS – only Canada Post. Anyways, more power to you buddy, I hope you win and get all your money back – Sadly, I don’t deserve any of it because I always return my stuff back to sender!

Edmonton’s Outstanding Defensive Player?

24 10 2006

That’s right! It’s Rob Brown – Unanimously!!! Way to go Rob!

New iPod battery

17 10 2006

Since I purchased my 3rd Gen iPod about 3 years ago I’ve gone through a few batteries from Laptops4Less which had a one year return policy. My last battery died at about month 14 so I decided that since I had to buy a new battery, I’d shop around.

I found Kokopelli Music which had a lifetime!! replacement on their batteries. I received the package today and it was really professional. It came with tools to open your iPod that don’t physically damage it, they have clear directions on how to replace your battery and the shipping package even had a chocolate inside! That’s a bonus worth blogging over – anyways, I’m a fan and would recommend them so far!

Lotus Car Racing

17 10 2006

There are no videogames I like more than a good racing video game and this feels like one where everything is going right. This guy is an amazing driver!

Speed Rock Climbing

17 10 2006

OK, this should clear my cache of things that I need to upload to my blog. This is an amazing video of a guy who speed climbs a rock face in about 5 mins without ropes. My palms are sweating just thinking about this…

Map of Springfield

16 10 2006

I thought the Simpsons reader out there would enjoy this one. Some guy has made a map of the town of Springfield – should make for some chuckles.

In Honor of my favorite CFL’er

16 10 2006

Rob Brown won defensive lineman of the week a few weeks ago, is third so far in the whole league in sacks with 12 (and leading his team in that category) and is a pretty cool new dad. Seems to me like he’s pulling his weight but unfortunately the Eskimos couldn’t find a way to make it to the playoffs this year – too bad for him.

Robin Hood – Yesterday’s Hero?

16 10 2006

This guy is so much better and slightly less athletic looking too! Go to 2:53 for the best arrow trick you’ve ever seen. Hooray for high speed photography – here’s another showing the effect of a slap in super slow mo.