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Spiderman 3 trailer

9 11 2006

This is the good trailer, the one that actually shows you things – enjoy!

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Vonage really sucks now!

9 11 2006

Dear Vonage,

I am a former customer of yours who you’ve recently had a run in with over the $50 disconnect charge that you sent my way after quitting your service after 8 months. I wanted to not have to pay it because my reason for quitting was poor voice quality (your fault) – you didn’t see it my way…

I now ran into another problem with you – I’m not anticipating that you’re going to see it my way this time either but I thought I’d let you know to your (cyber) face that I’m very displeased.

When I called to disconnect my service with you (Oct 2 or 3?) I was transferred to a woman who told me that I’d have to contact my new telephone service provider to have them take over my number. I asked her if I could return the router that I had purchased to you and she said that I could not because I had it for too long, so I asked if I could sell it, she said sure. I proceeded to sell it on craigslist and found a buyer. My buyer called Vonage before coming just to make sure this was all ok, they said it was. Perfect!

The buyer came over to my place, I got Vonage on the line to transfer it with him there just to make double sure that everything was ok and the agent that I got this time let me know that this was against your policies. I argued with her for a little bit then she pointed me to the website http://vonage.ca/help.php?article=440 which states that resale of these devices is not allowed!

I was upset that I had been told already that I could and now it had changed (was this a recent policy change)? I asked the agent what I was supposed to do with my device (WRTP54G) and she said that I could use it as a router. A $160 router! I could get 2 or 3 good routers at the store for the price of this not so great one!

Anyways, I think that your policies are harmful to your customers and as a result you will lose your customers in the end. I’ll be sure to let anyone I meet know that they should not under any situation start up an account with you because of these poor policies that you enforce.

You’ve been warned!

Bleenks! Watch TV shows

9 11 2006

Bleenks! has a bunch of cartoons and other shows online! They have X-Men, Firefly, Simpsons, Arrested Development and a few more too – check them out…