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Canadians win something!

13 11 2006

For all the times I’ve had to wait for something a bit longer to come to Canada after all the Americans already have it, I’m so glad to learn that they have to wait for us this time. Not that I really want this gizmo, I just want to be first…

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Stewart and Colbert in Rolling Stones Mag

13 11 2006

Rolling Stones did a little article on Stewart and Colbert, I like this quote:

Do you think the country would be better off if the Republicans or the Democrats were running it?

STEWART: It’s sad that there are only those two choices. I think we’d be better off if you had a sense that people were making decisions based less on their future political considerations and more on what they believed were in the best interests of the country and the world.

Do you think anybody does that on the political scene?

STEWART: If they are, they’re disguising it pretty well….