Using Thunderbird for email

14 11 2006

Get Thunderbird

I was battling with my *ahem* craftily acquired copy of MS Outlook 2003 to get my calendars and contacts to work. It seemed like I was having a .pst file issue. After learning way too much stuff about registries and everything I decided to attempt another piece of software to retrieve emails.

Since I use Firefox regularly for the last while to browse the net and am a HUGE fan of it, I thought that I’d give their email tool a try to see how I like it. I’ve been using Thunderbird for almost a month now and it’s a decent tool.

I’ve migrated my old emails, contacts and calendar over without much trouble. I like that it’s a simpler application but I do miss some of the customization available in MS. Some of the shortcuts are a little different so that’s taking a bit of time to get used to. A big positive is that I like using free, open source code better than the craftily acquired stuff – I feel much better about it!