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Rocket Lincoln Jump

14 11 2006

A crazy guy from Canada builds the worlds then biggest jump to rocket his car 1 mile over the St Lawerence – for some reason his wife is nervous…

Link via Kevin :)

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Canadians win something!

13 11 2006

For all the times I’ve had to wait for something a bit longer to come to Canada after all the Americans already have it, I’m so glad to learn that they have to wait for us this time. Not that I really want this gizmo, I just want to be first…

Stewart and Colbert in Rolling Stones Mag

13 11 2006

Rolling Stones did a little article on Stewart and Colbert, I like this quote:

Do you think the country would be better off if the Republicans or the Democrats were running it?

STEWART: It’s sad that there are only those two choices. I think we’d be better off if you had a sense that people were making decisions based less on their future political considerations and more on what they believed were in the best interests of the country and the world.

Do you think anybody does that on the political scene?

STEWART: If they are, they’re disguising it pretty well….

Spiderman 3 trailer

9 11 2006

This is the good trailer, the one that actually shows you things – enjoy!

Vonage really sucks now!

9 11 2006

Dear Vonage,

I am a former customer of yours who you’ve recently had a run in with over the $50 disconnect charge that you sent my way after quitting your service after 8 months. I wanted to not have to pay it because my reason for quitting was poor voice quality (your fault) – you didn’t see it my way…

I now ran into another problem with you – I’m not anticipating that you’re going to see it my way this time either but I thought I’d let you know to your (cyber) face that I’m very displeased.

When I called to disconnect my service with you (Oct 2 or 3?) I was transferred to a woman who told me that I’d have to contact my new telephone service provider to have them take over my number. I asked her if I could return the router that I had purchased to you and she said that I could not because I had it for too long, so I asked if I could sell it, she said sure. I proceeded to sell it on craigslist and found a buyer. My buyer called Vonage before coming just to make sure this was all ok, they said it was. Perfect!

The buyer came over to my place, I got Vonage on the line to transfer it with him there just to make double sure that everything was ok and the agent that I got this time let me know that this was against your policies. I argued with her for a little bit then she pointed me to the website http://vonage.ca/help.php?article=440 which states that resale of these devices is not allowed!

I was upset that I had been told already that I could and now it had changed (was this a recent policy change)? I asked the agent what I was supposed to do with my device (WRTP54G) and she said that I could use it as a router. A $160 router! I could get 2 or 3 good routers at the store for the price of this not so great one!

Anyways, I think that your policies are harmful to your customers and as a result you will lose your customers in the end. I’ll be sure to let anyone I meet know that they should not under any situation start up an account with you because of these poor policies that you enforce.

You’ve been warned!

Bleenks! Watch TV shows

9 11 2006

Bleenks! has a bunch of cartoons and other shows online! They have X-Men, Firefly, Simpsons, Arrested Development and a few more too – check them out…

New Seinfeld Movie!

6 11 2006

Bee Movie has a great new trailer out – I’m excited for anything Seinfeld!

Top 5 boys names that’ll never switch

4 11 2006

An extention of a Bill conversation…

There’s been a lot of seemingly never fail boys names that have been taken over by the girls; and us boys know that once a girl has touched a name, we’ll never take it back. In the list of recent switches have been James, Noah (although some would correctly argue that it’s been a female name for a LONG time), Cameron, Jordan, etc… So, I’m going to come up with a list of the top 5 names that will never switch over – here they are:

  1. Harry
  2. Abraham
  3. Dick
  4. Woody
  5. Borat

You can probably see a theme developing and that’s the line that I think namers of girls just won’t cross – drop me a comment and let me know what your 5 would be…