Stumped on Seinfeld Quote

3 12 2006

Today, my friend Luke, stumped me on a Seinfeld quote. I was a bit taken back but it was from the ninth season so I don’t feel too bad, here’s the context with Luke’s specific quote in bold

Jerry: Hey, so Sophie gave me the “It’s me” on the phone today.

Elaine: “It’s me?” Isn’t it a little premature?

Jerry: I thought so.

Elaine: Hah. She’s not a “me”. I’m a “me”.

George: I’m against all “it’s me”‘s. So self-absorbed and egotistical, it’s like those hip musicians with their complicated shoes.

To even things out, I let him know that it was actually Denise Richards as the subject of the cleavage-poke. That makes us even at 1-1.