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David Bowie ridicules in song!

11 12 2006

Another great clip from Extras

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Sir Ian McKellen shares his acting method

11 12 2006


Some background. Extras is a Ricky Gervais show which often has celebrities come on and lampoon themselves. In this episode, Sir Ian McKellen is directing a play that the Ricky Gervais character is going to be a part of. Sir Ian wants to pass on some wisdom, here’s how that goes.

How do I act so well? What I do is I pretend to be the person I’m portraying in the film or play. You’re confused. Case in point, Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson comes from New Zealand, says to me, “Sir Ian, I want you to be Gandalf the Wizard” and I said to him, “You are aware that I am not really a Wizard” and he said, “Yes, I am aware of that. What I want you to do is to use your acting skills to portray the Wizard for the duration of the film.” So I said okay, and then I said to myself mmmm how do I do that? And this is what i did. I imagined what it would be like to be a Wizard and then I pretended and acted in that way on the day. And how did I know what to say? The words were written down for me in a script. How did I know where to stand? People told me. If we were to draw a graph of my process of my method, it would be something like this. Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, action, WIZARD, YOU SHALL NOT PASS, CUT, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian.


I found the video on YouTube – oh happy day!