Top 10 Movies of 200b

31 12 2006
As has been my tradition for the last 4 years (see 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002) I’m making a list of my favorite 10 movies that I watched for the first time this last year; so, in the order of my watching them…

united93.jpg entourage.jpg thankyou.jpg departed.jpg oldboy.jpg miiii.jpg crazy.jpg syriana.jpg grizzlyman.jpg crash.jpg

United 93 It really brings you back to the uncertainty of the day due to the misinformation and disbelief. The acting by all unknowns is great and it was quite informational without being too political. It doesn’t let up very much which left us uptight throughout, saying, “This is so intense!”
“Entourage” That’s it! All caught up. A nice little diversion for when you want to waste some time, Lloyd the secretary is another favorite in this season.
Thank you for Smoking A well written and acted movie about a guy who is convinced he can talk his way out of any argument and is quite effective at it; until his kid emulates him a little too much. This guy really reminds me of Paul from Engineering in all the best ways of course.
The Departed Tons of language and graphic violence but if you’re a fan of MS you’ll love it. Lots of cell phone use in it but I didn’t actually find it excessive – I liked the cat and mouse game to see when it was all going to end. The stellar list of actors in this one make it a real pleasure.
OldBoy A slightly different take on a revenge movie, the plot is strange and the ending a bit twisted and the very ending seems very foreign movieish to me but it will probably stick in your mind for a bit, so that’s good (I think?) One of the greatest one take fight scenes in modern film too!
Mission Impossible III LAX -> YUL – Wow, an airplane movie that was awesome. Now, my expectations for this film were about a 2, I dislike most of TC‘s movies and the last MI was pretty bad. This one was great though – I loved the purposeful skipping of cliche scenes, the minimal mask reveals and the bad guy – what a great film!
C.R.A.Z.Y. I didn’t know what to expect from this movie but the acclaim is well deserved. Not as much about Quebecois culture as I thought it would be – more about the 70′s in general, methinks. Great acting, interesting family to watch the duration of the film.
Syriana A very good movie, you kind of hover around the edge of what the movie is trying to say until afterwards when you have time to put it all together. Nice performances and well written script.
Grizzly Man Heidi loved this movie – Treadwell is an tortured, creepy and fascinating man who is very watchable when revealed through this movie. We were singing for days, “Geronimo’s gone… and Treadwell is gone”. Good stuff.
Crash I was astounded at how good this movie actually was. Not cruder than it needed to be and also not graver than necessary. I loved that it avoided lots of opportunities to be a heavier movie. It is in each of us to be better people… or worse – make the small decisions to choose to be better!