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Acts of Passive Violence

29 11 2007

While I certainly love lists and the Ten Commandments is one of the best, I ran across this one by Mahatma Gandhi which has been entitled the Seven Blunders of the World; they are:

  • Wealth without work
  • Pleasure without conscience
  • Knowledge without character
  • Commerce without morality
  • Science without humanity
  • Worship without sacrifice
  • Politics without principle
This list caught my attention because on the left hand side is all things that we are trying to attain and that are not necessarily bad, but he spells out how they can be misused with only one word. I find myself still thinking about some of these, they’re quite provoking.

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Chuck Norris facts

28 11 2007

Chuck Norris has a bunch of zany followers and this video of him endorsing Republican Nominee Mike Huckabee is sure to send all of them his way. Norris’ supporters are known for making profound statements about his abilities, I think that my favorite one is:

When Chuck Norris jumps in the ocean, Chuck doesn’t get wet, the ocean gets Chucked.

I’m glad that Chuck threw his support behind the person he believed in and not the person that he simply thought would win, like this guy.

Riders win the Grey Cup!

25 11 2007


OK, so this isn’t news to anyone reading my blog, but I’m really glad that Sask got the win in the final – the whole province is just a little happier right now. My only sadness is that for Milt Stegall, I like him and wish he could have won a Grey Cup in his career, too bad.

Side fact: Next year, or sometime in the next 20 years, my TiCats are going to be contenders again, mark my words.

Please enter your zip code

22 11 2007


This is a long and pretty useless blog post, so if you want just the overall theme, it’s this, “I’m upset that I have to enter my zip code (that’s right, I don’t have one) when filling up with gas in the US” You’re done, you can stop reading now.

Sometimes, I have problems with my principles, Tuesday evening would be a good example of that. I was in California attempting to fill my rental car with gasoline before I flew back home the next morning. On the road back to my hotel, I decide to get purchase some petrol…

  1. I stop at Costco because I like Costco and think it will be pretty straight forward. All the free stalls are for cars with tanks on the right hand side, but mine’s on the left hand side, so like any waiting-intolerant person, I cut around to the backside to get at the free pumps, not allowed – go back around and wait in line. Try to find my Costco card in my wallet but can’t find my wallet; must have left it in my hotel – on to the next station
  2. I pick up the pump at the next station and try pumping but it says, pay at the pay station or inside – I don’t see any pay station anywhere and there’s a lineup inside – I’m moving on
  3. at the Chevron, I try to pump gas but after I put in my credit card at the pump, it says, “Please Enter Zip Code”; I don’t have one since I’m Canadian, so I go inside. I attempt to leave my credit card with the cashier in order to open the flow of gasoline up at my pump but she says that I have to charge a dollar amount, I say, I don’t know what that’s going to be because I’m FILLING up my car; she said no worries, we’ll credit you back to your credit card the amount that you don’t use. I say, that’s ridiculous, please give me my card back, I’m leaving.
  4. at the Mobil, still need a zip code so I go inside to leave my credit card and the lady says, no problem, your pump is open – out at the pump, nothing; I go in, she says, can I see some ID? OK, now your pump is open; out at the pump, nothing; I go in again, she says, ok this time it should really work; out at the pump, nothing; one more time, I go in and say, please give me back my credit card – I’m leaving.
  5. Drive back to my hotel to pick up the Costco card so I can try them again, get to Costco, and the terminal says, “Problem, please see attendant” – what attendant, there’s no one here!

At this point, I sit in my car, and just sit and breathe for a few seconds, because I feel like driving my car right through a gas pump. I decide to go to my hotel and leave gas getting for the morning. I left myself 1 hour to accomplish that task but didn’t nearly need it as my neighborhood 7-Eleven worked even though I had to go inside with my credit card again.

PS – I have the feeling by writing this story, it sounds like the most boring evening you’ve ever read about, but, in person, I’m sure I could make this sound interesting. All hail blogs!

Saskatchewan only 1 win away!!

18 11 2007

Although I missed watching the game, I was busy cheering for the Roughriders in my mind. And they won!! Yahoo – first trip to the Grey Cup in 10 years! Their opponent in the final is their arch-nemesis, Winnipeg (sans starting quarterback) so it should be a fitting way to end the year for both teams – what a great match that’s going to be.

Oh, and thanks to Andy for cheering for Sask in person, I think it helped!

Ambigrams, right side down

17 11 2007

Ambigrams are pieces of text that read the same if the right side up or upside down, I really like them because they seem like the math-y side of art.

I was introduced to them a few weeks ago by a friend who got a tattoo of one that she made up which said unique and was really great. Lately I was reminded of my love for them with a re-re-re-release of the princess bride which has one for its very creative cover (from the MovieBlog). Cool stuff!

I feel like I should try to make one for myself but it seems really tough; I’ll see what I come up with.

Vexing song found… with MetaFilter!

17 11 2007


Awhile ago, I asked my loyal readers at mennoboy to help me find the song a certain melody belonged to that’s been singing in my ears for years but unfortunately all three of you were not able to recall.

I decided to take my question to the larger user base of MetaFilter and they pegged the song as Return to Innocence by Enigma in about 2 hours. That’s some snappy work – now I’ve got to think of more vexing problems that need some hive mind time.

What’s the deal, Banana Peel?

15 11 2007

MetaFilter is quickly becoming one of my favorite web spots to find answers to funny questions or advice on silly topics. I think that I’m weaning myself of the suckiness that is Digg – it’s got a unrelenting political bent, overall sameness of submissions, and a terrifying user base (don’t cross those guys!). My nicorette to Digg’s cigarette is Meta Filter.

Here’s one of my favorite articles from the last little while, about finding rhymes that kids will enjoy – here are a few of my favorites.

What’s the deal, Banana Peel?

What’s new, Tennis Shoe?

Shut your lip, Potato Chip

I’m the boss, Applesauce!

Chop Chop, Lollipop

Understand, Rubber Band?

BTW – I’ve joined up with them and will hopefully let you know how I like it. It is a $5 investment so it probably goes without saying that this is a pretty big deal for me.

Sask advances!

12 11 2007

The Roughriders have not only delivered on the first home playoff game in ~20 years but they’ve also won it by a squeaky 2 points! I didn’t have the pleasure of watching the game as I was on an airplane at the time but I was really glad to read that when I landed. They’re going to beat the Lions as long as the Lions home field isn’t too noisy for them…