What I’m Watching

8 12 2007

What I'm Watching

Over the life of this blog, the thing that I have usually put the most effort into but the fewest people have seen is the list of movies I’ve watched and what I thought of them. I’ve been doing this for all movies that I’ve watched for the last 5+ years so it’s getting pretty long; additionally there are my top 10 picks from every year going back to 2002 (All Time, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002). I’ve decided to make a permanent picture link to the movies I’ve watched in the sidebar (–>); so feel free to check back anytime to see if it’s updated.

For an idea of what my number ratings mean in words, here’s an idea:

  • 10 – Phenomenal Movie! Couldn’t be recommended high enough! (there are about 3 of these in my whole list)
  • 9 – Very good movie – I liked it a lot and there’s a good chance that you will too
  • 8 – Quite good movie – I was generally pleased with the movie
  • 7 – Barely a recommendation – The lowest threshold of still being recommended; a decent movie
  • 6 – Not really recommended – I wouldn’t suggest you seek out this film
  • 5 or less – Varying degrees of bad – all not recommendable