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Rotate Movies

29 01 2008

I’ve often been asked how to rotate movies that you take with your digital camera if they were recorded in the wrong orientation. Usually I just tell people to not do that in the first place, but since it happened to us on a good video of Saffron, I decided to figure out how to do it (for free of course). Here goes!

Download the VirtualDub software and install.

1) Open your video
2) Go to Video -> Filters.
3) Click Add and select Rotate. Press OK.
4) Now, select the amount you want to rotate it by. Press OK. Press OK again to exit the filters box.
5) Your video should be rotated and ready to be exported (File -> Save As…)

This will increase the file size quite a bit but it will be in the correct orientation – so that’s good. You could always re-compress the video back down to a decent size after you’re done (use Xvid) but if it’s just up on youtube or whatever, it doesn’t matter too much.

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Favorite NHL’ers

20 01 2008

iginla.jpg lecavalier.jpg

Probably my two favorite NHL’ers, Jarome Iginla and Vincent Lecavalier have been named captains in the NHL All Star game for the Western and Eastern Division respectively. Rock on superstars!

Extra’s special Christmas finale

11 01 2008


Like he had done with his original Office series, Ricky Gervais has thrilled me with another episode of his short lived TV series, Extras which I’ve previously discussed on my webpage. You should certainly try to get your hands on this Christmas special if you’re a fan of the show.

Tribute to Ron Hextall

11 01 2008


Since my readership is up to an all time high of three (maybe four) people, here’s a special feature for one of them, my brother. While honing his own skills as a goaltender, my brother was a huge fan of Ron Hextall despite having a menace level which was the polar opposite to the Ron’s (who was quite an intimidator); it was obviously his ‘other’ fine qualities that my brother wanted to emulate…

Ron Hextall was famous for a couple of things: being the first goalie to score a goal in the regular season and in the playoffs, his exceptional stick handling ability, being awarded the Conn Smythe trophy (for most valuable player in the playoffs) in a losing effort vs Edmonton in 1987 – something that has only happened five times, and for his feisty temper (I remember him being described as a kindergartener in an adults body).

Here’s a highlight video showing his first goal, his remarkable skill and his red hot temper.

Is this an inconvenient time?

10 01 2008

Bill Gates made a video that he aired at the CES show of his last day at Microsoft. It’s made in the style of The Office and is amazing that it’s actually him in the video because it’s not always flattering – good on you Bill.

Wanna come over and watch a Blu-Ray?

8 01 2008


With WB defecting from HD-DVD camp, it appears that Blu-Ray has won the video wars avenging their earlier BetaMax loss in the 80′s. I find it hard to cheer for Sony so I don’t think that I’m really pleased they won but I guess I am happy that it’s over, now we just have to see how that rolls off the tongue – mmm Blu-Ray…

The Reel Geezers

6 01 2008


I haven’t spent much time watching the Reel Geezers because their previews are chock full of spoilers but I do like the idea of a pair of veteran Hollywood people reviewing current movies. They are pretty popular with the people – check out all their reviews here.