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Rotate Movies

29 01 2008

I’ve often been asked how to rotate movies that you take with your digital camera if they were recorded in the wrong orientation. Usually I just tell people to not do that in the first place, but since it happened to us on a good video of Saffron, I decided to figure out how to do it (for free of course). Here goes!

Download the VirtualDub software and install.

1) Open your video
2) Go to Video -> Filters.
3) Click Add and select Rotate. Press OK.
4) Now, select the amount you want to rotate it by. Press OK. Press OK again to exit the filters box.
5) Your video should be rotated and ready to be exported (File -> Save As…)

This will increase the file size quite a bit but it will be in the correct orientation – so that’s good. You could always re-compress the video back down to a decent size after you’re done (use Xvid) but if it’s just up on youtube or whatever, it doesn’t matter too much.

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