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Convert L/100 to MPG

29 02 2008


As if F to C and miles to km isn’t tough enough, we’re now faced with the doubly tough MPG to L/100KM – easy enough with this chart (based on a gallon being 3.78 liters).

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Pizza Pizza disappointment

23 02 2008


Heidi and I decide to have some pizza Sunday evening and so I checked out the Pizza Pizza website to find some specials. On there I saw a deal for a 16″ 3 topping pizza with a free 2 for 1 Cineplex movie pass for $13.99 – sounded like a good deal to me – oh and there was some fine print on the bottom, it said,

Taxes and delivery extra. Minimum delivery order is $9.99. Some restrictions apply. Offers subject to expire without notice. While supplies last.

No problems there, since I was going to pick up. I called the call in line and they quoted me for that special at $19.18 – I thought that was a little bit much so I asked what the price was before tax. $16.99, they said. Huh? The price on the website says $13.99?!

I talked to a customer service guy and he said that the website had Ontario prices and in Quebec, the price was accurately $16.99. That Quebec price was not on the website and they refused to honor the website price because of the ‘Some restrictions apply’ disclaimer. With that, they pointed me to a massive legal document wherein it says,


Sheesh! I spoke with that guys manager and he said the exact same thing. I wondered why the prices for Quebec should even be different (different economy) or why I had to bicker so much just to make them honor their promotions (sorry about that sir). In the end, the price did not come down and they’ve made a customer who refuses to go to Pizza Pizza again.

Ontario’s favorite pizza indeed – I’d say, leave it over there!

This is Broken

21 02 2008


I found an interesting website called This is Broken where people post their pictures of things that aren’t working quite right. It seems to be a similar concept to the more funny Engrish but there were a few good ones in there today. Going around the toll gate (pic above), breaking a Crunch bar into 4′s, Improper summing, Second First Church of Jesus Christ, Scientist

Habs mount amazing comeback!

20 02 2008

Yesterday, the Habs won after trailing by five goals which is a franchise record come from behind win for the historic team. What an amazing game that I would have loved to watch – the Bell Center was roaring by the time the game went to overtime where Saku Koivu won it for them in the shootout – way to go Habs!

Show your Habs love

15 02 2008


The Habs had a great promotion a few years ago with a clever, rotated smiley logo and the slogan, “Habs All the Way!”. I couldn’t find the picture myself, so I made one up – click the picture above to get a huge sized version for your desktop background.

Welcome to the season of Lent

6 02 2008


For the last probably 8 years or so, I’ve participated in the Lenten season and removed something non-useful from my life or added something beneficial and this year is no different. My plan is to fast 1 day a week during the season to spend a bit more time focusing on God that day and to experience the foreign feeling of an empty stomach. Big-ups to Chris, Wade and Jerome (giving up computer – whoa!) who are also trying to remove something from their life – hope it has the desired effect boys!

So, maybe it’s only humorous to me that 1 hour after posting on how religion should be finished I make a posting on a religious tradition that I’m going to take part in for the next ~40 days. If you caught that joke and were wondering if anyone else did; I did, and the humor is not lost on me.

I’m a Vegetarian in denial

6 02 2008


According to the book, Eat Right For Your Type by some Doctor guy, I am a vegetarian because of my blood type. Funny because I don’t eat like one – the book calls those people, ‘vegetarians in denial’.

Coincidently, I’ve been getting in touch with my vegetarian side with the fantastic recipe book called Rebar based on recipes used in a real restaurant (of the same name) in Victoria, BC. Of the recipes that we’ve tried, all of them have been really big hits; this book is like the Tom Brady of recipe books – it just can’t fail. Umm, scratch that.

Anyways, if you love vegetarian food (not the junk that’s mimicking meat food like vegetarian burgers or hot dogs) then you should be sure to check this book out and boost your confidence in the tastiness of vegetables!

The End of Religion!

6 02 2008


I’m doing a book study with a few of my friends on the book, The End of Religion by Bruxy Cavey (of The Meeting House) and have so far found it to be excellent.

Here’s the tagline from his website:

What if God himself were to make a personal appearance on planet Earth? And what if he came to offer us an astounding message: that religion has outlived its usefulness, that it is hurting more than it is helping, and that it is time to shut the whole thing down?

I love his teaching from the meeting house (get the podcast at iTunes – seriously, it’s good) and this book is like a condensed form of his teaching on why we’ve got to disassociate our faith from our religion.