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Crime Fighter Preventer

24 07 2008


During our trip to the Othello Tunnels, the park checked my car and gave me a thumbs up for being a Crime Preventer! (probably because I removed my CD faceplate)

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Moving the gigantic rim

20 07 2008

Luke Janell Matthew and Saffron with the finished product

Our friends, Luke and Janell, came up to see us for a few days this weekend and took it upon themselves to help out with some jobs around the house. We decided to try and move a huge rim that was on our back lawn and make it the center of our fire pit. It’s an extremely heavy rim that weighs probably 500-600 lbs. We ended up moving it by brute force with some long branches for leverage at points taking a little bit less than 3 hours in total. Now our fireplace looks a lot more awesome – we love it!

Update – It’s a rock crushing casting – not that I know what that is.

Conflicting Circles

14 07 2008

Picture from jeffbridges.com

I had to try this out, just like you will. Find out if it’s true.

While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this, draw the number “6″ in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Link via digg.

Hike thru Washington, DC

9 07 2008


I went on a 6km hike through downtown Washington and got to take in a bunch of great sites, like the Metro (smooth ride and clean; longest escalator ever!), Capital Hill (big!), Washington Monument (monumental!), WWII memorial, The Reflecting Pool (Clint Eastwood courting Rene Russo – gross), Lincoln Memorial (monkeys?), The White House (kaboom!) and some great Sushi to end it off – yum.

Ice Cube Tray Thorns

9 07 2008

Photo from curiouskiwi

Ever wonder how those vertical spike happen when you freeze water in your freezer? Here’s an explanation that doesn’t help me at all, but I’m happy to know that it has at least been solved – phew!

Brazil’s new DUI laws

8 07 2008

Photo from marika_te

Reuters is reporting on a new zero tolerance DUI law in Brazil; if there’s any beer in your system it’s a minimum $600 fine and 1 year suspension. If you’re caught drunk driving it’s mandatory jail time and if you kill someone it’s treated as homicide with intent (which sounds pretty serious).

More power to these guys, I’m a huge fan of getting drunk drivers off the road and once they work out the kinks in the system it should certainly accomplish that goal.

Nadal defeats Federer at Wimbledon

6 07 2008


A side sport that I really enjoy watching, especially when there’s the historic matchup of Federer and Nadal, is tennis. Today was the Wimbledon final where Federer has won for the last 5 years, playing against his arch-nemesis Nadal who has dominated Federer on Clay surfaces but hasn’t found a way to beat Federer on grass yet.

In the longest match in Wimbledon’s Men’s Singles tennis today, going to 5 sets, Nadal was able to beat Federer and break his consecutive streak at 5 wins. Amazing story and great tennis today.

Happy Independence Day!

4 07 2008

BTW – for my non-movie-watching friends, this is a reference to Independence Day, the movie.

comic from PvP via MovieBlog

This comic reminds me of the ‘Live Free or Die‘ mentality of our good neighbors to the south; oh, and I don’t have to work today – whee!

Saving at the Supermarket

1 07 2008

Picture from press.co.nz

One of everyone’s big monthly expenses is spent at the grocery store. A favorite site of mine had an article on how to avoid wasting money when you’re shopping for grocery stuffs, some of the best ones were:

  • Bring a list and stick to your list
  • Compare unit pricing
  • Don’t examine things you don’t need
  • Shop on a full stomach
  • Walk or bike

When we lived in Montreal we always walked to the grocery store and for that reason almost never bought juice (the milk was heavy enough) – it’s a good way to cut out the (heavy) excesses.