Online glasses gamble

21 08 2008


Ever since reading about purchasing glasses online I’ve been interested in doing it. Unfortunately, I don’t need glasses so when Saffron took it upon herself to snap Heidi’s only pair, the opportunity to get some opened up.

First, she needed her prescription from the optometrist, then off to get some extra measurements from the drugstore and after looking around at a lot of different websites and a lot of different glasses, Heidi decided to get three different pairs, the main ones, the movie watching backups and the sunglasses (you can get any glasses tinted).

With an investment of $75 for three pairs of glasses including taxes and delivery, it’s a gamble that I’m excited to take – we’ll let you know how it works out…



One response to “Online glasses gamble”

22 08 2008
ichris (10:58:04) :

I’ve been reading a blog that reviews various online glasses stores for awhile – – waiting for my glasses to break/expire and wanting to try this as well.