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Sunrise/Sunset updated with Chilliwack

30 11 2008


I wanted to update my best graph ever to include sunrise/sunset times for Chilliwack to check to see if the sun goes down especially early here (it doesn’t). I was also able to clearly see the newly minted DST times:

From wikipedia:

US and Canada observe DST from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November, almost two-thirds of the year. The 2007 U.S. change was part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005; previously, from 1987 through 2006, the start and end dates were the first Sunday in April and the last Sunday in October.

You can see that clearly has increased the amount of DST. I vastly prefer DST to not because I’d much rather have an hour of extra daylight in the evening and trade off the upcoming sun at 7am.

I guess that would have the adverse effect of ‘High Noon’ actually being ‘High One’ – I can deal with that.

Montreal 45°30′N = 45.5°N
Chilliwack 49°09′N = 49.16°N
Saskatoon 52°07′N = 52.12°N

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Xbox Transformation

29 11 2008


About a month and a half ago, I re-purchased an Xbox to use as a media center console for my videos and also to do a little bit of gaming on the side. So far, I’m enjoying it a great deal.

To get from a regular xbox to one that you can put interesting stuff on like XBox Media Center, you should follow this great lifehacker guide of moderate technical difficulty. XBMC is what you see in the screenshot of my system above – it handles TV shows, Movies, Music, Photos and anything else you’d like to manage, and it does it beautifully.

Next, I wanted to take my stock 10GB Hard Drive and upgrade it to the 40GB model that I had lying around. This was a bit more difficult than the first task because the original xbox HD needs to be unlocked then the new one needs to be formatted and locked to the xbox’s EEPROM; which sounds a bit complicated and actually is. It took me awhile to figure out what I all needed to do, probably the best guide was this one at xbox-scene (which is THE site to go to for any xbox questions, btw).

Okay, so I was pretty much done with the small exception that I wanted to bring my Forza Profile progress over from my old xbox to my new one (I purchased two xbox’s in total, but I just told you about that now). Sounds easy enough, just use a memory card, right? Actually, for some unknown reason, Forza locks your profile to your Xbox HD, so you can’t transfer it around – buggers! I found a little crack that allows you to move it from one HD to another and it actually worked; so I’m set and thrilled with my new setup.

Now, what to do with that second Xbox?

Opera’s Got Talent

28 11 2008


First off, it should be known that I have no great love for ‘talent’ or ‘reality’ shows but this little audition for Britain’s Got Talent (from ages ago, thanks Chris) is a real heart-warmer.

I don’t want to spoil it too much in case you haven’t seen it, but there’s Opera, mobile phones and an unexpected performance.

Be a Pepper

27 11 2008

from flickr

Drink Hot Dr. Pepper! (over a slice of lemon)

Thundercats Wristband

26 11 2008


When I had my fantastic face burning experience, I also burned my wrist a little. At the hospital I had to get some stuff put on it and have it wrapped and since then I’ve like the idea of wearing a wristband.

Kinda geeky and sporty at the very same time; I think that by getting a wristband of a favorite 80′s cartoon, Thundercats, on a wristband I’d be 100% geek. Too bad they’re out of stock; ahh, I wouldn’t do it anyways…

Shield Series Finale Tonight

25 11 2008


In 2002, having just completed its freshman season on the air (well, through the wire, really), Michael Chiklis won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series on the Shield, beating out some big names like Keifer, Sheen and the Six Feet Under guys.

After the big Emmy win, I checked out the first episode and was completely hooked by the ‘reality’ of the show, and the depths to which these cops could plunge, the corners they would cut and still not get caught – that was 6 years ago! The secondary characters are amazing too; Dutch, Billings and Claudette are all well defined and complex characters. I’ve been looking forward to it every week a new episode comes out and lamenting when they take long breaks between seasons.

It’s been well known that the present season (7) is going to be the final season and I believe that tonight the very final episode of this final season is going to air. Vic’s been getting him into a lot of trouble this season and it seems as though he’s going to run out of luck in the final episode, but that’s yet to be seen – I’m excited to see what happens to these guys and will really miss seeing new episodes.

And then I gotta wait till Jan 16th for new BSG eps.

Tretorn Rubber Boots

25 11 2008


After moving to Vancouver, Heidi decided that she had to have good rain gear if you’re to enjoy the outdoors, and that has started with her feet.

She saw the perfect rubber boot from a Swedish company named Tretorn and she had to have it. Synthetic fur lining on the inside was the main selling feature, but also a cool looking boot (with no heel!) was helpful.

The problem was finding places in Canada that sold them. There were many places in the States but we couldn’t find anything in Canada until we happened upon a store called Plenty who stocked them. Awesome! Make a trip into downtown and Heidi’s a very happy girl – thanks Mom and Dad for the early Christmas present.

Astroboy Movie Teaser

21 11 2008


ThinkHero has a new teaser trailer up for the Astroboy movie that’s coming out in 2009. I grew up with great love for Astroboy and that has only diminished very little – this appears to be a really good look for Astroboy, I am excited.

link via the Movie Blog

Seeking potato chips that hurt

20 11 2008

Picture from productwiki

I love potato chips. On opening any bag of chips, the first thing I’ll say is something like, “Oh yeah, this is a good bag” or not, if it’s not. I often crave a chip that is so strong that their strength compels me to quit eating before I want to. Years ago it was the Old Dutch Rave Xtra Salt and Vinegar chips, which were really powerful and could only be eaten in quantities with great difficulty.

Recently, I’ve found another chip with extreme spice called Blair’s Death Rain Habanero Chips. These suckers are truly powerful – I had 10 in a row and my mouth was flaming for a while afterwards (followed by my stomach, followed by my… forget it). A truly powerful potato chip with the ability to force rationing.

Star Trek Trailer online

17 11 2008

from startrekmovie.com

The new Star Trek trailer is online and this movie is looking like exactly the sort of re-boot that the series needs – I’m excited!

See the trailer!