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Death at 60.

7 12 2008

ST:TNG episode 4:22 “Half a Life

While being a lower than usual quality episode in terms of action and having WAY too much Lwaxana (who is deadly annoying); this episode left me with something to think about for the last few decades and probably has even changed who I am a little.

The episode centers around a guy named Dr. Timicin who comes on board the Enterprise to do some science experiments with the big fancy ship; not much else there. What they do find out is that Dr. Timicin has only a few days left to live because he’s turning 60 and that’s the end of the line in their culture.

I don’t recommend assisted suicide or euthanasia at all but it did help me think through that dying earlier than we expect isn’t such a bad thing. I mean, if we really believe that heaven’s as great as we make it sound to be, shouldn’t we be rushing to get there?!?

Hence, my motto. “Death at 60″. Anything past that is gravy-years (grave-y years?!)

Hungry for some chips? No worries, death at 60 – don’t want to go too much past that.

I don’t want to exercise. No worries, death at 60. What’s the point of exercise anyways? Just to make it through the next session more easily? (yup, that’s a Seinfeld joke)

Sidebar: does that guy look like Lyf’s Dad, Eric, or what?!

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