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8 months; a lot of churches!

8 12 2008


Since Heidi and I have arrived in Chilliwack we’ve been re-blown away by the sheer quantity and vitality of the evangelical church community here. Compared with Montreal which had a very small overall community of English Evangelical Believers, the Fraser Valley is huge!

When we got here, we decided it would be fun to do a massive church tour and see as many different churches as we could until we grew tired of it or Christmas came. We didn’t get tired of it yet and have really been enjoying going to a different service each week and finding things we like and meeting new people.

Here’s a mostly complete list of the churches that we’ve gone to since we arrived here in May (most of them are MB, but them be my leanings):

  1. Greendale MB Church
  2. Sardis Community Church
  3. Promontory Community Church
  4. Central Community Church
  5. Broadway MB Church
  6. Yarrow MB Church
  7. Yarrow Alliance
  8. Canadian Reformed Church of Yarrow
  9. Yarrow United Mennonite Church
  10. Arnold Community Church
  11. Vintage 242
  12. Crossroads Community Church
  13. St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church
  14. Harvest Community Church
  15. Prairie Chapel
  16. Westside Church

It’s been about 30 weeks since we’ve been here and I’m pretty happy with getting to see about 16 different churches already. Some we’ve been to a bunch of times and there are tons more good churches that we just don’t have time to see.

Our new year’s decision is to pick one that we want to attend on a regular basis – wish us luck!

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