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Half-Scammed by Summitt Energy

15 12 2008


A few days ago a guy came to our door and wanted to get us to sign with them to be our natural gas distributor to save a lot of money on our monthly energy bill with Terasen. He got a bunch of information from me then he wanted me to sign the form that he had been scribbling information on.

I refused because I said that I didn’t know who he was, who Summitt Energy was, and I didn’t feel comfortable signing anything. At that point he started to get a little upset that he drove all the way from Vancouver for this and he didn’t know the next time that he’d be in the area which made me feel more confident that I had made the correct choice in not signing.

I mean, if he was legit, he should know I can sign anytime but if he wasn’t, he would know that he wants to leave my house with a signature. He tried for a few more minutes to get a signature; I continued to refuse and told him that we were on our way out (we were) and that he could come back in a few days.

After doing a teeny bit of research my suspicions were confirmed that these guys are to be avoided; somehow, I doubt that he’ll be coming back anyways. Regardless, I called Terasen and told them to not let anyone change my distributor.

One good thing that he did fill me in on is that my kids are Indigo Children basically meaning that they’re bratty, arrogant and individualistic… but he made it sound a lot more exciting and rewarding.

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