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Metric Time Update

16 12 2008


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You may remember that about a year and a half ago, I postulated about how we could overthrow the current wacky time and calendar system and replace it all with Metric.

It seems that I wasn’t the first clever person to think of this. It so happens that the French decided to try it out in the late 1700′s and early 1800′s but it didn’t quite catch on because workers only got 1 in 10 days off instead of 1 in 7; so it eventually got canned. Slightly lacking in execution, but sooo close.

In my ‘research’, I also found out that our names for days of the week come from the 7 visible heavenly bodies (besides stars, except the sun, smarty pants). Didn’t know that there were 7 visible heavenly bodies? Now you do. (I’ll throw the French day names in because they stick closer to the source material).

Celestial Object English Day name French Day name
Moon Monday Lundi
Mars Tuesday Mardi
Mercury Wednesday Mercredi
Jupiter Thursday Jeudi
Venus Friday Vendredi
Saturn Saturday Samedi
Sun Sunday Dimanche

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