Top 10 Movies of 2008

31 12 2008
As has been my tradition for the last 6 years (see 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002) I’m making a list of my favorite 10 movies that I watched for the first time this last year. Of course, I’m not recommending these movies for everyone, if you want personal recommendations, let me know. Here’s the list:

bigger-stronger-faster.jpg baby_mama.jpg in-bruges.jpg dark-knight.jpg into_the_wild.jpg king_of_kong.jpg the-assassination-of-jesse-james.jpg the_bank_job.jpg juno.jpg the-hammer.jpg

Honorable Mentions to The Nanny Diaries, Michael Clayton, Iron Man, Wanted and WALL·E which are also great films.

Bigger Stronger Faster* This is an amazing documentary filled with shades of gray on the subject of steroid use in America. Why people use it, why people are so upset at athletes over it with a very personal tandem story to bring it all together. Amazingly put together – a big shocker – I wasn’t expecting anything nearly this good.
Baby Mama I do love TF comedy and this movie was great! Very clean – super funny and lots of memorable quotes. I liked that what the trailer gave away was covered quickly in the movie so we could get to new stuff. “I’m going to reward you with 5 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.” “Mr Ackerman?! That’s my dog’s name. Call me Rob.”
In Bruges This movie was outright hilarious! The first few minutes have a lot of swearing and you wonder how it’ll be funny but it really is. Attacking with a bottle, possibility of dying in Bruges and all the dwarf stuff is hilarious.
The Dark Knight Oh yeah! What an amazing follow up to an amazing movie! The story is incredible and reasonably complex, the acting is great, and the villain is menacing in a goofy way, Batman is conflicted over his hero-morals and he yearns for something stable in his life. Gritty and tense without being gruesome – love it!
Into the Wild Ohh yeah! An amazing movie that has a perfect balance of storytelling, acting and character in it. I loved the range of characters in the story, the huge heart of the movie and would highly recommend this for almost anyone.
The King of Kong Mmm, my favorite movie of the year so far, I defy you to watch this movie and not be rooting for the characters you see. Amazing documentary making! There are some interesting supplemental things that you can read up on after watching the movie. Twin Galaxies reply, Filmmakers reply. Awesome – go watch this!
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford This was a deliberately paced atypical western and I loved it. I really enjoyed the narration, soundtrack and cinematography which didn’t seem to fit what you’d except from the genre but I thought that it worked wonderfully. It is a long and slow paced movie but well worth it for those who like films.
The Bank Job One of the biggest surprises I’ve had at a movie in awhile. It starts off like a very light heist movie and mid way takes a turn for the darker and more ominous – I love how the characters handle this. Based on a true story, this is one fascinating heist; well acted and directed. Some of the material may not suit everyone, btw.
Juno I really enjoyed this movie although the snarky dialogue can grow a bit tiring. I liked the characters, the unexpected change in one character at the end and the high school romance. Interesting and enjoyable movie with huge heart.
The Hammer This was a lot of fun! AC has a lot of charisma, the movie is almost squeaky clean and still a lot of fun. The story is pretty simple, the humor is really funny and it’s a real pleasure to watch.



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1 01 2009
ichris (15:44:10) :

I think I’ve seen half of your top 10 and Michael Clayton, Iron Man, and WALL·E from your honorable mentions. All good picks.