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Hot dog bun and wiener packages don’t add up

27 09 2009

image from bbs.chinadaily.com.cn, surprised?

There was a funny video from a comedian at zug.com who wants to bring Wonder Bread (8 to a pack) and Oscar Meyer (10 to a pack) to a number that’s in sync with each other, eventually agreeing on 12. Here’s the video:

The funniest part to me were the comments on Digg.


I hate to be a downer, but here in Canada hot dogs (Schneider’s at least — Red Hots — the only ones that matter) come in 12-packs and Wonder sells 12-packs of buns to go perfectly with them. They also have 8-packs of buns for some unknown reason…


We also have universal health care.


We all know what whatever problems we may have, there is always going to be a Canadian that assures that Canada does not suffer from said problem. Thanks.

and for those who are hip to their math, it’s least common multiple (40), not lowest common denominator (1).

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Car broken into, without breaking anything

10 09 2009

image from sangroncito

We imagine that we must have left our car unlocked because we went in there the other day to find that our GPS, my ancient 3rd Gen Original 40GB iPod and Heidi’s less ancient 1GB Nano were all taken from our car along with about $3 in change from the glove box. That’s all we’ve noticed so far. I’m really glad that I didn’t leave my wallet or cell phone in the car like I often do and that the thief didn’t break anything or needlessly wreck the car.

That’ll be my second GPS that’s been stolen. It really makes me more seriously consider the $2000 integrated GPS upgrade you can get with new cars – seems so expensive, but after replacing a driver’s side window (on the last break in) and now, just the GPS itself; it makes it seem a little more worthwhile.

I was also radically ill yesterday and spending a lot of time in bed (12 hour night-time right after a 3 hour nap). While viling in bed, I was thinking how I’d like to see this thief be really punished, like go to jail, or get beat up or something like that. Then I got to thinking, I’m pretty sure this is the exact stuff that Jesus was talking about when he said to love your enemy; we don’t get a lot of chances to be kind to ‘enemy’ types in our society. This guy’s even a pretty borderline ‘enemy’, he doesn’t even hate me specifically; it’d be amazing if I could love someone that really hated me (this is a great and humorous video on that topic, via faraway so close). Some think-starter there.

09/09/09 09:09:09a

9 09 2009

img from sistercat

Well, It’s that day of year again (see Auspicious 8/8/8). Happy 09/09/09 09:09:09a!

Copious cereal

8 09 2009

img from whatdoiknow

I took stock of our cold cereal cupboard this morning – we have a lot of cereals!

  1. Mini Wheats – Blueberry Muffin
  2. Mini Wheats
  3. Kashi – Mighty Bites
  4. Kashi – Go Lean Crunch
  5. Trader Joe’s – Pomegranate and Blueberry Flakes and Clusters
  6. Trader Joe’s – Strawberry Yogurt O’s
  7. Just Right
  8. Cheerio’s
  9. Apple Cinnamon Cheerio’s
  10. Corn Bran Squares
  11. Life – Multigrain
  12. Life
  13. Corn Flakes
  14. Wheetabix – Alpen
  15. Shreddies
  16. Shreddies – Honey
  17. Honey Bunches of Oats – Just Bunches
  18. PC Omega-3 Granola
  19. Vector
  20. Froot Loops
  21. Cap’n Crunch’s – Crunch Berries

On Surfari – Fuel TV

6 09 2009


We are staying at a friend’s place in Seattle who has a load of cable channels and we found this show called “On Surfari” on Fuel TV. Mostly it’s for Heidi as it appeals to her desire for world travel (it can be done even with kids!), surfing everywhere and meeting locals. Also, it IS a good show, with a good non-rage-inducing soundtrack and really wholesome hosts (Shayne and Shannon McIntyre).

Fliqlo Screensaver

4 09 2009


I have an ancient computer (8 years old!) running in my living room that’s the main source of email and videos. I like to have interesting screensavers on that machine, like slideshows, or pipes growing or something fun but the video card is taxed and my CPU fan keeps turning on. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d keep it a little bit simpler and just have the time on the screen which should save some resources and also give me some useful information when I glance over. I turned to this great screensaver called Fliqlo and it’s been doing the job for me – originally seen on lifehacker.

Dropping Entourage

3 09 2009


I’ve followed the show Entourage since it started a few seasons ago but just decided that it’s time to kick it yesterday when I was watching it.

For those who follow the show, I was astounded as Aaron Sorkin went to prison to see his favorite agent, Andrew Klein and even though he was having a complete meltdown and couldn’t give a single reason why he should sign with the agency, he still did. Anyways, at that moment, I realized that the show sucked and I wouldn’t be watching it again.

I remember doing the same thing for The Office, Heroes and Enterprise actually; having an ah-ha moment – this show sucks and cutting it off cold turkey – I don’t miss any of those shows in the least.

We’ll see what’s next.

Why is Craigslist such a mess?

2 09 2009


There’s a great article on Wired that really gets into the mind of the founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark to unveil why the company is like it is and why it stays stuck in the 90′s. Fascinating (but long) read – here’s a few snippets that I thought were interesting:

But of course, craigslist is not a polity; it is just an online classified advertising site, one that manages to serve some basic human needs with startling efficiency. It is difficult to overstate the scale of this accomplishment. Craigslist gets more traffic than either eBay or Amazon .com. eBay has more than 16,000 employees. Amazon has more than 20,000. Craigslist has 30.

Should craigslist ever be sold, the price likely would run into the billions. Newmark, by these lights, is a very rich man. When anybody reminds him of this, the craigslist founder says there is nothing he would care to do with that much money, should it ever come into his hands. He already has a parking space, a hummingbird feeder, a small home with a view, and a shower with strong water pressure. What else is he supposed to want?

Craigslist was very unlike Creditland. “It wasn’t even really clear who decided to hire me,” Buckmaster says. He looked around and began finding things to do. He wrote forum software to give users a chance to interact. When he realized that every post had to be reviewed and published by hand, he created the automated process that allowed craigslist to grow. He coded a search engine. A year after he arrived he was CEO. There was no competition for the job, no ritual transfer of power, and no instructions. “In the entire time I’ve been here, I don’t think Craig has ever said to me, ‘This is the way it has to be,’” Buckmaster says. The only topic he can remember their disagreeing about is the peace sign that adorns the craigslist Web address. “Craig thought it was associated with the hippies and that hippies were discredited,” Buckmaster says. “Whereas I think peace is among the most desirable things you can have.”

Anyways, there’s a few snippets into the mind of Craig and the business perspective of the company – quite an interesting read if I do say so.