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Picking up Dropbox

21 10 2009


Lifehacker constantly raves about Dropbox giving us lists of things that we should be doing with it (so did MaximumPC) and after losing about a months work of my financial entries which took me 2+ hours to get back up to date, I thought it might be time for a more active backup system.

I also got a little interested in putting some PortableApps on my dropbox, so far, I’ve had success using my Thunderbird and Pidgin on different machines and keeping all the juicy stuff intact (and in sync!).

This lets me open up my Thunderbird email and have all the messages there, only have to mark things as read in one place and the others will all follow suit. In Pidgin, I can log onto my IM from any machine and have all my contacts, all my logs and any new things I add are just added to the whole pot so everything will be there when I get back to my main machine.

I’m becoming a moderate fan and I’m sure that the next time my data fails, I’ll be happy to have it around. In the meantime, I’m going to try to keep thinking of interesting ways that it can make my life easier.

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Coens FTW

20 10 2009


A few months ago, Lyf made a list of the directors he wants to work with; he’s an actor so he can dream big. Since I’m just a bum who likes to watch movies, I’m here to highlight the big guys that he missed, my favorites, the Coen Brothers.

They’ve made many movies that are so good and basically none that are bad. They’ve done so many different genres and periods, and done them well. They’ve written their own stuff and taken other peoples work and made it shine. Rotten Tomatoes went over their top 10 movies and they’re all awesome – I’m pumped to see their new one – A Serious Man.

On the topic of movies, Happy 19th Birthday to IMDb; thanks for organizing and categorizing the movie world, my search life is better for it.

Xbox replacement HTPC

15 10 2009


Presently, I’m loving my Xbox running XBMC to stream videos from my main PC to my TV. It allows me to choose which video to watch, pause, ff, delete, see more information, etc; it’s awesome. BUT, it only supports standard definition (not HD).

I was curious to see what the next hardware step is for people who want to move past their SD with Xbox to some HTPC (Home Theatre PC) that supports HD and I was a little overwhelmed by the plethora of options without a real solid favorite. The ones near the end of the list (Apple, Xbox360 and PS3) are probably the more popular ones but they’ve each got some problems that prevent me from fully embracing them.

So, here’s a list of all the boxes that I could find that support HD and network streaming; I have no idea which one I’d go for when I do have to make that decision – maybe something will lead out in front by the time I have to choose.

Whew – that was a doozy! Shout out to Lyf who I’m sure was the only person to actually read this post given the title – thanks buddy!


10 10 2009


I’ve certainly had this conversation (or thought) a few times; what would happen if a CFL team would play an NFL team? How bad would the CFL team get beaten?

Turns out that this was something that people have been asking for awhile and there were actually some games in the 50′s and early 60′s that did exactly this. Of the 7 games I was able to find out about, only one time did a CFL team beat their NFL opponent; that would be the Hamilton TiCats beating the Buffalo Bills on August 8th, 1961 (38-21).

There were some interesting factoids about the game and era, here’s a few from the links above:

  • The NFL had more money and better talent, but there was not a staggering difference. The NFL had to bid against the CFL for players. College stars usually went to play in the NFL, but a fair number chose Canada.
  • A mixed set of rules was used. Half of each game was played under Canadian rules and half under NFL rules. When the Canadian team had the ball in both halves, the teams lined up a yard apart as in CFL play. In both halves, when the NFL team had the ball, the teams lined up head-to-head.
  • When the NFL team had the ball, the American-sized football was used. When the CFL team had the ball, the Canadian-sized ball was used.
  • The Buffalo Bills finished 6-8 in 1961, last place in the AFL East. Hamilton went 10-4-0 to finish first in the East and out-dueled Toronto in the playoffs to advance to the Grey Cup.
  • It would mark the last time the CFL and NFL/AFL met for game action.

Here is the history of the CFL and the current differences in game rules from the NFL.

This year, Hamilton is finally putting things together after having way to many miserable seasons in a row. They’re currently 6-7 in a weak division and looking very good to get a playoff spot.

New TV shows

9 10 2009

modern family

Since I’ve been dropping a bunch of shows that I used to watch (The Office, Entourage, Battlestar Galactica), I guess I’m feeling the need to fill in the voids with some new shows. I’ve caught the first few episodes of Modern Family from abc and it’s quite good. It reminds me of the family dysfunction of Arrested Development mixed with the reality-esque nature The Office; there are lots of good laughs and even some feel good moments (if you like that sort of thing).


Another decent show is 30 Days from creator Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame) whose premise it is to take people and put them in someone else’s shoes for 30 days to see what they can learn. They had some good episodes where a Christian goes to live with a Muslim family for 30 days, and another where he spends 30 days living with the income of a minimum wage worker. This show is a bit hit-and-miss as some episodes can feel too much like a reality show where there’s too much sensationalized bickering and fabricated feuds but other times it can be really eye opening.


Lastly, there’s Penn & Teller’s show called, well, don’t worry about what it’s called. It’s a show that takes all kinds of things from serious to silly and debunks them. I guess it’s kind of like Mythbusters without the scientific experiments and with a lot more opinion. Some examples of things they set out to ‘disprove’ are Alien Adbuctions, Self Help, Ouiji Boards, PETA, and Talking to the Dead. Most of the time I either agree soundly with what they’re saying or am educated in something I don’t know enough about, sometimes I disagree and find their reasoning off but they normally do a pretty good job of researching and getting good experts in the various fields. This show has a lot more edge to it than standard network fare so be warned.

Up in the Air

2 10 2009

from screendaily

There’s a new trailer out for a George Clooney starring, Jason Reitman (Juno, Thank You for Smoking) directed movie called Up in the Air which looks great. It also stars Vera Farmiga who I first noticed in UC: Undercover and she was also excellent in The Departed and Nothing but the Truth. It’s about a man who travels very frequently for work and loves the thrill and the accumulation of points but who’s missing his life.

I happen to travel a bit for work as well and it’s funny because I was recently checking how close I am to Alaska MVP (23 of 30 segments or 15.8K miles of 20K needed) and also to Air Canada Prestige (17 of 25 segments or 19.2K miles out of 25K needed); those are both the lowest tier offerings but it is something because I’ve never made any airline status before and this year I’m close to making two.

I also keep up a map of all the airports that I’ve been to – I know I’m missing a few on here but this is a pretty complete chart. Should be fun to do some airport recognizing.