New TV shows

9 10 2009

modern family

Since I’ve been dropping a bunch of shows that I used to watch (The Office, Entourage, Battlestar Galactica), I guess I’m feeling the need to fill in the voids with some new shows. I’ve caught the first few episodes of Modern Family from abc and it’s quite good. It reminds me of the family dysfunction of Arrested Development mixed with the reality-esque nature The Office; there are lots of good laughs and even some feel good moments (if you like that sort of thing).


Another decent show is 30 Days from creator Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame) whose premise it is to take people and put them in someone else’s shoes for 30 days to see what they can learn. They had some good episodes where a Christian goes to live with a Muslim family for 30 days, and another where he spends 30 days living with the income of a minimum wage worker. This show is a bit hit-and-miss as some episodes can feel too much like a reality show where there’s too much sensationalized bickering and fabricated feuds but other times it can be really eye opening.


Lastly, there’s Penn & Teller’s show called, well, don’t worry about what it’s called. It’s a show that takes all kinds of things from serious to silly and debunks them. I guess it’s kind of like Mythbusters without the scientific experiments and with a lot more opinion. Some examples of things they set out to ‘disprove’ are Alien Adbuctions, Self Help, Ouiji Boards, PETA, and Talking to the Dead. Most of the time I either agree soundly with what they’re saying or am educated in something I don’t know enough about, sometimes I disagree and find their reasoning off but they normally do a pretty good job of researching and getting good experts in the various fields. This show has a lot more edge to it than standard network fare so be warned.