Xbox replacement HTPC

15 10 2009


Presently, I’m loving my Xbox running XBMC to stream videos from my main PC to my TV. It allows me to choose which video to watch, pause, ff, delete, see more information, etc; it’s awesome. BUT, it only supports standard definition (not HD).

I was curious to see what the next hardware step is for people who want to move past their SD with Xbox to some HTPC (Home Theatre PC) that supports HD and I was a little overwhelmed by the plethora of options without a real solid favorite. The ones near the end of the list (Apple, Xbox360 and PS3) are probably the more popular ones but they’ve each got some problems that prevent me from fully embracing them.

So, here’s a list of all the boxes that I could find that support HD and network streaming; I have no idea which one I’d go for when I do have to make that decision – maybe something will lead out in front by the time I have to choose.

Whew – that was a doozy! Shout out to Lyf who I’m sure was the only person to actually read this post given the title – thanks buddy!



3 responses to “Xbox replacement HTPC”

15 10 2009
Chris (11:58:45) :

I’m a little biased here since I’d love to beat play you at NHL ’10 or whatever, but the Xbox 360 is such a great platform in spite of it coming from Microsoft. And I’m not just saying that as a Mac fanboy, but as a tech nerd.

But – I don’t really use it for a media center myself as I have a Mac mini hooked up to our TV. It’s certainly nice to have a full fledged computer to do all the dl’ing of tv shows/etc. directly rather than having to worry about syncing/etc.

But I do know a former coworker of mine ( who uses a 360 synced to his PC for viewing media files/etc. and loves it.

My $0.02

15 10 2009
admin (12:08:00) :

chris reads it all too – I should have guessed! Thanks for the 360 suggestion – I’ll probably have to look into that a bit more seriously sometime.

Have you seem that Natal stuff from MS – looks wild!

16 10 2009
Lyf (06:13:58) :

Doggone it Chris…you beat me to commenting! *LOL*

I have no $0.02 to offer other than I hope you share what you end up going with as you are very thorough in your research.

I am partial to anything that can be modded myself!