Picking up Dropbox

21 10 2009


Lifehacker constantly raves about Dropbox giving us lists of things that we should be doing with it (so did MaximumPC) and after losing about a months work of my financial entries which took me 2+ hours to get back up to date, I thought it might be time for a more active backup system.

I also got a little interested in putting some PortableApps on my dropbox, so far, I’ve had success using my Thunderbird and Pidgin on different machines and keeping all the juicy stuff intact (and in sync!).

This lets me open up my Thunderbird email and have all the messages there, only have to mark things as read in one place and the others will all follow suit. In Pidgin, I can log onto my IM from any machine and have all my contacts, all my logs and any new things I add are just added to the whole pot so everything will be there when I get back to my main machine.

I’m becoming a moderate fan and I’m sure that the next time my data fails, I’ll be happy to have it around. In the meantime, I’m going to try to keep thinking of interesting ways that it can make my life easier.



One response to “Picking up Dropbox”

22 10 2009
Lyf (06:24:18) :

Ahh…I see you’ve joined the ranks of us Dropbox users! it is wonderful isn’t it? I got into it when I lost a months worth of work that was unrecoverable. Now all my work stuff is there and I can access it anywhere on any machine. (Thanks too to that wonderful word processor Openoffice.org!)