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XBMC on a powerful netbook

30 11 2009

from lifehacker

About 2 weeks after I posted about an Xbox/XBMC alternative that I may have to look into when I make the jump to a better TV, Lifehacker came to the rescue and showed me a great way to do it with a little netbook that has all the power you could need even for high def videos. This way I could stick with the open source XBMC that I love and get all the power and definition that I would need for a better TV. Noted for the future.

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Tragic Finish

29 11 2009

How true

“The 13th man is yOUR worst nightmare”

I was cheering for a good Grey Cup game and I really got one – I would have liked the ending much better with Saskatchewan winning it and Duval being the scapegoat he deserved to be. That said, I’m happy for Calvillo, Chiu and Cahoon who are the heart of Montreal and deserve a Grey Cup win; congrats on the win – well deserved.

If it was Hamilton losing that one, I’d be beside myself like in ’89. Painful.

The Hit that changed two lives

29 11 2009

from fanhouse

I had a post a few months ago about a woman who was having a Down’s Syndrome baby and the anguish and eventual fulfillment she had in that circumstance. Along those feely, Oprah lines, I found a story that was pretty special.

It’s a story of a man who played football in college and unintentionally hit his opponent so hard that he paralyzed him and eventually died of his injuries. The fascinating part is that the man who delivered the hit still visits the grave of his ‘opponent’ every single year to clean it up and pay his respects, even though he never really knew him; the trip to his grave is over 300 kms away.

I thought that’s pretty impressive for a culture who would have long ago said that this man has paid his debt, he still keeps on caring and grieving the loss of life. Amazing story.

TSN plays spoiler

15 11 2009


Argh! I dislike TSN at the best of times but this one really burnt my butt.

I really wanted to watch the TiCats game but I wasn’t available to watch it when it was actually on. No worries, I thought – I’ll just watch it on TSN’s broadband service a little after the game is finished. I turned off my emails, steered clear of facebook and isolated myself so I could enjoy the game free from all football spoilers. Beforehand, I log on to TSN’s Broadband site and go to the CFL Games on Demand section so I don’t accidentally see the highlights or anything else instead of the game itself. Every 15 to 30 minutes I hit refresh to see if the game is up and ready to be watched yet when I spotted the spoiler in the picture above.

How annoying is that? The only place that I can be to watch the game and they spoil it right there for me – are they trying to save themselves some bandwidth serving or something, man that’s annoying. I should have stuck to watching it live on Justin.tv instead which is pretty good and consistently available.

I guess the positive is that I didn’t waste my afternoon watching football – maybe I’ll have a nap instead. Better luck next year Hamilton and congrats on the decent season; tough loss to BC.

TiCats in the postseason!!

9 11 2009

For the first time in 5 seasons the TiCats (9-9) will be in the playoffs and for the first time in 8 years, they’ll be hosting the game; I’m excited! By beating the Blue Bombers yesterday, Winnipeg (7-11) was removed from the playoffs and Hamilton won the right to host the game. It means that Hamilton will be playing the Lions (8-10) who have had a lot of troubles at QB in the last little while with 4 of their QB’s getting injured already this season. The QB that BC will be starting will likely be starting his very first game with the Lions – IMO that means the TiCats have a very good chance at winning this game… only to be thrown in with the Alouettes (15-3!) a week later which neither team will be favored to win, I wouldn’t expect.

Thanks for the Birthday Cards

6 11 2009


I have lots of family that loves me and in addition to that, they love to make hand made cards to let me know that. Saffron and I celebrated our birthdays recently so we got a bunch of these great cards from my sister and both of my mom’s and I wanted to say, “Thanks! They’re great!”

On a related note, did you know that the song Happy Birthday is copyrighted? From divinecaroline

If you’ve ever been in a restaurant and noticed the staff singing a different version of a birthday tribute, it’s because that establishment is trying to avoid paying for performance rights and prevent copyright infringement lawsuits.

I was just talking with my brother today about the trouble with patents and copyrights and although this isn’t a dire situation, it does give pause…

…and resume!

Longing for Justice

5 11 2009

bayne CBC 2

I got forwarded an email from a friend who never forwards ’cause’ emails but this one was worthwhile and legitimate. It tells the story of some local BC people who have lost their 3 children to the BC government for over two years and running. The parents took their 2 month daughter into the hospital when she wouldn’t nurse correctly after having her bigger brother fall on her; the doctor reported it as a possible shaken baby case so the MCFD (Ministry of Children and Family Development) quickly took the baby girl away and subsequently took the 2 older boys away as well.

The parents have lost their home to legal costs and are working night shifts to cover bills and to give themselves time to see their children during the day. They also underwent investigation by the RCMP and were cleared of all charges, but the MCFD would not return the children. On top of that, they found that their daughter may have glutaric aciduria, a rare disease often mistaken for child abuse. They want to get her medical help but are unable to do so. It’s a tragic story that is every good parent’s worst fear – being unjustly accused of abusing your children and having them removed. As a parent of small children myself, I can’t imagine the panic and anger that I’d be feeling.

For those ’cause’ related folks who strive for justice, here is a petition that you can sign to have the MCFD return the children from foster care to their loving parents. Below there’s more information to read up on this some more yourself.

the Petition
Blog of their story maintained by a friend
Some stories of the family on CBC here and here as well as an opinion piece.

I long for some good news on this case and peace for the parents who’ve lost 2+ good years of their children’s lives that they can’t have back.

Electronics Haven

2 11 2009


I found myself in Fry’s today with unlimited time to spend so I slowly went through every single aisle checking in detail anything I was interested in. I ended up getting so much really cool stuff, like:

  • the cheapest webcam (with mic) out there – we’re going to be video chatting now Heidi! – $15
  • A DLink print server so I don’t have to keep my laptop on when I want to print from the other side of the house – $20
  • An adapter from GE to make my telephone headset work on my laptop, cause it’s so comfy – $8
  • A 4GB Centon MP3 player to replace the iPod that got stolen (the budget choice) – $20
  • A cable organizer to try to keep my office desk in order – $4
  • A 15 foot stereo 3.5mm extension cable so I can watch movies on the couch with headphones in a lounging position instead of a perched one – $5

      A couple of those things were not necessarily on my list of things to get but some certainly were and at a much better price than I could have got anywheres else. I’m stoked to work my low-tech, nameless-brand gear till it can work no more (hopefully more than a month!)