Electronics Haven

2 11 2009


I found myself in Fry’s today with unlimited time to spend so I slowly went through every single aisle checking in detail anything I was interested in. I ended up getting so much really cool stuff, like:

  • the cheapest webcam (with mic) out there – we’re going to be video chatting now Heidi! – $15
  • A DLink print server so I don’t have to keep my laptop on when I want to print from the other side of the house – $20
  • An adapter from GE to make my telephone headset work on my laptop, cause it’s so comfy – $8
  • A 4GB Centon MP3 player to replace the iPod that got stolen (the budget choice) – $20
  • A cable organizer to try to keep my office desk in order – $4
  • A 15 foot stereo 3.5mm extension cable so I can watch movies on the couch with headphones in a lounging position instead of a perched one – $5

      A couple of those things were not necessarily on my list of things to get but some certainly were and at a much better price than I could have got anywheres else. I’m stoked to work my low-tech, nameless-brand gear till it can work no more (hopefully more than a month!)