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TSN plays spoiler

15 11 2009


Argh! I dislike TSN at the best of times but this one really burnt my butt.

I really wanted to watch the TiCats game but I wasn’t available to watch it when it was actually on. No worries, I thought – I’ll just watch it on TSN’s broadband service a little after the game is finished. I turned off my emails, steered clear of facebook and isolated myself so I could enjoy the game free from all football spoilers. Beforehand, I log on to TSN’s Broadband site and go to the CFL Games on Demand section so I don’t accidentally see the highlights or anything else instead of the game itself. Every 15 to 30 minutes I hit refresh to see if the game is up and ready to be watched yet when I spotted the spoiler in the picture above.

How annoying is that? The only place that I can be to watch the game and they spoil it right there for me – are they trying to save themselves some bandwidth serving or something, man that’s annoying. I should have stuck to watching it live on Justin.tv instead which is pretty good and consistently available.

I guess the positive is that I didn’t waste my afternoon watching football – maybe I’ll have a nap instead. Better luck next year Hamilton and congrats on the decent season; tough loss to BC.

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