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2 years since leaving Facebook

2 12 2009


2 years ago today, I logged out of facebook for the last time; well, kinda. About 3 months ago, I logged back in to facebook for three things that I wanted: to bug my cousin about the Argos loss, to get a picture from Vikki and to get in touch with original Saffron.

After successfully doing those things, I decided to hang around and not log out for good. I’ve been pleased with my use of facebook lately, only spending a few minutes in there every week.

There are some things I like that they’ve done since I used their service last; I like that they have the content of their internal messages right in the email reminder so I don’t have to log in to see it. I also like that I can unsubscribe from tons of stuff that’s not useful and make myself a quicklist of people that I actually want to see their information in a favorites view of the front page (sweet!) Lastly, I can put up my blog posts as notes automatically to my facebook page so lots more people can see my idiotic thoughts and provide comments.

Here’s the keeping my usage at a minimum.

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