Top 10 Movies of 2009

23 12 2009
As has been my tradition for the last 7 years (see 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002) I’m making a list of my favorite 10 movies that I watched for the first time this year. Of course, I’m not recommending these movies for everyone, if you want personal recommendations, let me know. In the order that I watched them (newest first), here’s the list:

Honorable Mentions to Quantum of Solace, Watchmen, Sunshine Cleaning, Gran Torino and Food, Inc. which are also great films.

District 9 I loved this movie because it stayed away from formulas and easy characterizations to give us an ambiance, characters and plot that was unique and exciting. It was great to see this story unfold, surprised by almost every step it took because it was doing something new. Bravo!
Up Heartfelt and warm movie with sparingly used dialogue. Pixar is amazing at telling a story without using words (see Wall-E) and this is another prime example. I was happy to be taken along for this acrophobic ride with great visuals, great characters, fun story and a wonderful message. Highly recommended!
Anvil! The Story of Anvil Awesome documentary on the originators of Canadian Heavy Metal, Anvil. Revealing look into their lives presently, their longing for success and the support that they have from family and friends. Mired by lack of management, promotion and other technical talent they fell into oblivion. Well made documentary and an easy recommend for any fan of 80′s hair metal.
Away We Go I haven’t been this taken with a movie since Garden State. I loved the story which mostly consisted of short sections glued together by the larger story similar to Into the Wild (which I also loved). I think that I need to do a larger post on the whole movie as there’s so much to discuss but I really was taken by the range of characters and how the main couple interacted with them. Note that I’m not recommending this to a general audience as there are lots of things to make people really not enjoy it (language, adult situations, etc). Oh, and the main artist (Alexi Murdoch) from the soundtrack was such “Dave music”.
The Hangover The scenes (although spoiled by the trailer) with Mike Tyson were great. I liked the backwards figuring of what happened last night and the characters were all great – a lot of good laughs throughout.
Milk The acting was great, the story was told very well and the message is important. Good job on the movie with a strong message to Christians to love your neighbor, you know, like Jesus would.
Star Trek Awesome reboot! As a pretty big Star Trek fan from the early days, I thought that this was a faithful and yet fresh look at the series. They had inside jokes galore for the long time Trek fan and enough action and good story to keep the average movie goer entertained. Now, I’m excited to see more of these.
Frost/Nixon Much more engaging than a series of actual interviews aught to be. Well filmed, brought me into the history and characters effortlessly even though I didn’t know that much about them to begin with. Great historical film and worth watching.
“The Wire” Season 1 – This show was recommended to me by so many people and after about a year of trying to get through the first season, I finally gathered some momentum and made it work. Compared to the Shield, it has a lot more graphic language and content and the show moves at the pace of reality instead of the tv world. If you want to get hooked into it, it’s a good show, Shield is still better – on to Season 2.
Nothing But the Truth Based on the Plame affair. An awesome film showing the personal toll of reporting and how the law can be worked against you – I enjoyed this film very much.