Popcorn without a popper

29 10 2010

squawkfox via lifehacker

We don’t have an air popcorn popper at our house, so we normally stick with the microwave kind (when we’re not doing the delicious kettle kind). Heidi was always looking for microwave popcorn bags that are really low in salt, butter and as a bonus, organic. Those can be tough to find and when you do, expensive as well.

The overwhelmingly simple solution from here is to simply put 1/2 cup of popcorn into a brown paper bag, fold the end and put it into the microwave until it’s done. You can even reuse the bag for next time!

This was big news in our house and the kids love popcorn during their videos so I thought I’d share the tip with my devoted readership.



One response to “Popcorn without a popper”

29 10 2010
Sue (13:54:14) :

SWEET! Matt you just revolutionized my snacking habits! I had also struggled with the fact of no air popper but not wanting all the extras that come in microwave popcorn. I’ll be trying this on Sunday to keep me from snacking on all our halloween chocolate all night. :)