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Seattle Space Needle

25 11 2010

I was flying into Seattle airport and went nice and low over downtown to get a good shot of the Space Needle (click on the picture to see it more clearly). Since I was also on a propeller based plane, I got a couple more pictures below of the propellers duplicating themselves from my Android phone camera.

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100 pushup challenge completed!

24 11 2010

Three months ago, I was curious to see how many pushups I was capable of doing; it turns out my upper limit was 12. I see a website that claims ANYONE can do 100 pushups with 6 weeks of practice. Seeing as how I practically never push myself physically, I took it up as a challenge.

It turns out that I wasn’t as driven or capable as I needed to be in order to do it in 6 weeks, but I was able to do it in 12 weeks! As I write this my skinny arms are still twitchy from doing the 100, but if I can do it, anyone with two arms can.

Seeing as how I don’t want to do any pushups again for awhile, maybe I’ll take up flossing instead; I’m told I should do that more often anyways.

More power to the delicate computer geeks out there and Happy American Thanksgiving!

Teaching Peace

17 11 2010

Here’s my train of thought…
- I see a picture of some child on facebook in their karate gear
- I think, “how odd that we have so many ways to teach our children to be violent”
- I imagine what kind of strange it would be to send your child to Saturday morning non-violence class instead

This is the menno really coming through here, but how great would that be if there was such a thing as a class that focused on the teaching on non-violence to solve problems. That would be something!

A quick search informs me that I am, again, not the first person to think of this. One article I found is from a man named Colman McCarthy, who teaches just such a class to high school and university students and has also written a book on the topic.

He has some quotes that I’ll leave for you to ponder:

On the usefulness of non-violence:

Nonviolent force is always stronger, more enduring and, assuredly, more moral than violent force

On the students skew coming in to class:

What I have surety about is that students come into my classes already well educated, often over-educated, in the ethic of violence.

On the imperative to do this:

Unless we teach our children peace someone else will teach them violence

Does admiration for this ethic of non-violence and desire to follow it mean that I have to give up my recently rekindled enjoyment of UFC? If so, can I still watch the GSP fights?

Quebecois refresher

16 11 2010

I received this from a friend which asks, “How come English people don’t understand French?” and proceeds to give some pretty valid reasons. If you know French (I don’t) and specifically the weirdness of Quebecois, click on, you may find this funny.

TiCats Birthday Cake

4 11 2010

Heidi is a sweet wife and got DQ to make me a really sweet Hamilton Tiger Cats ice cream cake. The tradition for my birthday is to have a DQ ice cream cake and this one was one of the best decorated ever.

The team themselves have locked up 2nd place and are going to play at home against Toronto in the first round. Their game next week against BC is meaningless for them but BC needs to win it if they want to get into the playoffs (and Edmonton needs to lose to Saskatchewan). Here’s hoping my Cats are able to string a win or more together in the playoffs!

Passion Vancouver

3 11 2010

Passion World Tour 2010

Heidi’s going with some friends from church to the Passion Vancouver concert on Friday featuring all kinds of big names in Christian worship music (David Crowder, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, more). It should be a great time for them!

Quick Man Stitching done

3 11 2010

I’ve finally finished the third stage of my Megaman II stitching project. Each one of these has taken me a little over a month and I have 5 more to go now. This Quick Man stage was a lot of fun because there’s a lot of detail to work through and not too much solid color (which is easy but not as interesting).

On to Bubble Man stage next!