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100 pushup challenge completed!

24 11 2010

Three months ago, I was curious to see how many pushups I was capable of doing; it turns out my upper limit was 12. I see a website that claims ANYONE can do 100 pushups with 6 weeks of practice. Seeing as how I practically never push myself physically, I took it up as a challenge.

It turns out that I wasn’t as driven or capable as I needed to be in order to do it in 6 weeks, but I was able to do it in 12 weeks! As I write this my skinny arms are still twitchy from doing the 100, but if I can do it, anyone with two arms can.

Seeing as how I don’t want to do any pushups again for awhile, maybe I’ll take up flossing instead; I’m told I should do that more often anyways.

More power to the delicate computer geeks out there and Happy American Thanksgiving!

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