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SJC rocks!!

17 02 2011

It makes a lot of sense with all the high tech travelers going through San Jose airport that they make it electronics friendly. I love the AC and USB power in almost every chair in the aiport – no hunting for power and huddling yourself on the ground by an inconveniently placed power outlet (Seatte airport, I’m looking at you). Oh, and the Free WiFi too – that’s just awesome. Kudos SJC!

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Hawai’i Culinary Recap

15 02 2011

Thanks to the child-minding of both our parents, Heidi and I got to spend a child-less week together in Hawai’i last week which was wonderful and refreshing.

There were lots of highlights but I thought I’d mention the food ones while they’re still somewhat fresh in my mind. In decending order of their awesomeness:

Leonard’s Bakery had my absolute favorite delicacy called a Malasadas, a deep fried ball of yeast which got itself coated in a variety of flavored sugars. My sugar preference landed up being Li Hing Sugar (a plum based flavor) which was delicious. Out of the 6 days we were in Hawaii, I ended up going here 6 days; at a 45 minute walk each way that should speak to their excellence.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 02 2011

Heidi made me a delicious, homemade, heart-shaped ham & pineapple pizza and for dessert, an apple and cheese pizza, my favorites!!

Good service Delta!

4 02 2011

I flew with Delta last month and my flight was delayed for about an hour or so but I didn’t have any connection to make so I wasn’t really too concerned. A few weeks later in the mail, I received this letter from Delta explaining that they were sorry for the delay and have given me 1000 points for my trouble.

I’ve flown a lot of places on a lot of airlines and have had a lot of delays but I’ve never got a note from an airline apologizing for a delay and have never gotten free points for my “inconvenience”. Good on you Delta, I’m impressed!

Canada introduces metered internet

1 02 2011

With the permission of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission), the major ISP’s (Internet Service Providers; Bell, Shaw, Rogers) have received permission to do something called Usage Based Billing (UBB).

That’s a lot of abbreviations, what does it mean?

On your cellphone, you have a data limit that when you exceed, you start to pay extra fees per MB (outrageous!). They’re bringing that model to the land of home internet (more outrageous!). You’ll now have some limit of how much internet you can use in a given month and then you’ll be charged a certain amount per GB, possibly $2/GB for overuse.

In an internet age where high bandwidth media is used so frequently (Netflix, Youtube, online tv, etc) this is going to cost Canadians a lot more money and essentially downgrade the whole experience.

You can view a message from Strombo on what this means:

Feel free to sign the petition at Stop The Meter to repeal the laws that were put in place allowing ISP’s to gouge you!

As I’m writing this, I saw on PM Harper’s twitter account that they’re looking into this:

We’re very concerned about CRTC’s decision on usage-based billing and its impact on consumers. I’ve asked for a review of the decision.

If they win this one, their next target will be my worst fear.

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