How much to Tithe?

10 03 2011

From my limited understanding, I’ve always thought that tithing is simply giving 10% of what you make away; I was never too concerned about who that went to.

In our church we’re trying to figure out how to keep up our facilities and how to get funds to do that which has led to a few discussions about what tithing is.

In talking with Heidi’s brother, we stated that we give 10% away in total but our church gets the leftover percentage after we give to a bunch of other awesome organizations that we think are worth giving to, that has always sat just fine with me. He encouraged us to re-assess this as the church you attend should get your full tithe and if you decide to give over and above to other ministries and organizations, that would be extra. That gave me pause; I’ve never heard someone say that specifically.

Issues like this have to run through my very wise Dad, and in talking with him, he agreed that 10% should go to your church and whatever else you wanted to support financially would be over and above. He referenced Malachi 3:10 which says, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse.” He surmised from this that the storehouse is the place that feeds you which in our spiritual equivalent is the church; therefore, they should receive your whole tithe.

It should be noted that a tithe, if giving grudgingly or under compulsion, is not what God wants of me; so it’s my desire to give with a joyful heart!

I’ve been wrestling with this and trying to figure out where I could get additional money from to meet my new understanding of the tithe while still keeping with my commitments to other charitable organizations. Quite conveniently, the lease on my car just expired, freeing up some monthly money which I can allot to tithing; problem solved! I guess that doesn’t really pad my retirement savings like how I was planning on using it, but I’m sure that God has got a good plan in mind if I make it that far.