Zilch completed (pretty much)

22 06 2012

I’ve been playing Zilch on Kongregate on and off for well over a year in order to get all 119 achievements. The problem was always staying consistent with the same browser and not losing all your achievements when you move to a new computer.

Of all the available achievements, I’m only missing 4, they are:

  • Ma-hoo-hassive score!: Taking 6,000 pts on one turn – I’ve been trying with reckless abandon for about 40 games and have still not got this achievement – I’ve been over 5000 2 or 3 times, but haven’t crossed 6000 yet.

  • Lifetime Zilcher: 100 wins in total – these last three just require putting in more mindless time and I don’t intend on reaching them

  • Zilch Fiend: Finish at least 200 games

  • Gold Plated Zilch Machine: Finish at least 500 games

Here’s the fun part:

I took a little time to figure out what all the different probabilities were and learned a bunch of interesting things. Lots of them are covered on these excellent webpages , so I won’t rehash here.

The one area I’ll dive into is how you can get a ‘hot dice’, or a free roll, when rolling all 6 die. (ordered from most to least probable)

  1. Three Pairs – The most common combination of die to yield a free roll with 1800 combinations available.

  2. Nothing – A Zilch hand (no points) gives 500 points and comes up in 1080 available combinations

  3. Straight 1-6 – 720 die combinations can become a straight

  4. 3 of a kind plus 3 singles – 480 die combinations of the 6 die will give this result.

  5. 2 sets of triplettes – surprisingly, this one is pretty rare with only 300 combinations producing this result.

  6. 4 of a kind plus 2 singles – 270 die combinations will yield this free roll.

  7. 5 of a kind plus a single – only 60 combinations of the 6 rolled die will give you one of these

  8. 6 of a kind (no screenshot) – I think I’ve only got this roll twice but didn’t take a screenshot either time so I can’t really prove it. There are only 6 rolls in all 6^6 combinations (46656).

If you sum these 8 different combinations up (they have no overlap with each other, so that’s legitimate), there are 4716 rolls available with 6 die that produce a free roll or 10.1% of the time.

Fun stuff! If I progress and get the 6000 point game or the 6 of a kind, I’ll update this post.