Seinfeld connection to Twin Peaks

8 02 2013

It’s no secret that I’m a big Seinfeld fan and in my recent wanderings through Twin Peaks the last month, there have been a lot of connections between the two shows, here are the ones I caught on my own:

Warren Frost

warren frost seinfeld warren frost twin peaks

Grace Zabriskie

grace zabriskie seinfeld grace zabriskie twin peaks

Ian Abercrombie

ian abercrombie seinfeld ian abercrombie twin peaks

Brenda Strong

brenda strong seinfeld brenda strong twin peaks

Frances Bay

frances bay seinfeld frances bay seinfeld2 frances bay twin peaks

Molly Shannon

molly shannon seinfeld molly shannon twin peaks

Walter Olkewicz

walter olkewicz seinfeld walter olkewicz twin peaks

And the ones I got help on:

Clive Rosengren

clive rosengren seinfeld clive rosengren seinfeld2 clive rosengren twin peaks

Don Amendolia

don amendolia seinfeld don amendolia twin peaks

Jack McGee

jack mcgee seinfeld jack mcgee twin peaks

Jed Mills

jed mills seinfeld jed mills twin peaks

John Apicella

john apicella seinfeld john apicella twin peaks