Seinfeld connection to Breaking Bad

18 02 2013

I enjoyed doing this last time with Seinfeld to Twin Peaks so I thought I’d relive the fun with the other last TV show I watched, Breaking Bad, and its connection to Seinfeld.  I noticed that someone also made a video of a bunch of these.

Bryan Cranston

bryan cranston seinfeld bryan cranston breaking bad

Anna Gunn

anna gunn seinfeld anna gunn breaking bad

Bob Odenkirk

bob odenkirk seinfeld bob odenkirk breaking bad

Jessica Hecht

jessica hecht seinfeld1 jessica hecht seinfeld2 jessica hecht breaking bad

Larry Hankin

larry hankin seinfeld larry hankin breaking bad

Mark Harelik

mark harelik seinfeld mark harelik breaking bad

Nigel Gibbs

nigel gibbs seinfeld nigel gibbs breaking bad

Myra Turley

myra turley seinfeld myra turley breaking bad