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Hamilton gets into the playoffs

10 11 2011

I compiled some data on Hamilton’s lack of success in the last decade. Here are some things that stand out to me

  • Hamilton has not won a playoff game since 2001 against Montreal (10 years ago!)
  • In the last 9 seasons, Hamilton has been in 3 playoff games which they’ve all lost
  • besides Winnipeg (1990), Hamilton has gone the longest without winning the Cup (1999)
  • Montreal is a Grey Cup beast having made 8 appearances in the last 11 years
  • Montreal has not beaten Hamilton in the playoffs since 1996

data from here and here

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TiCats Birthday Cake

4 11 2010

Heidi is a sweet wife and got DQ to make me a really sweet Hamilton Tiger Cats ice cream cake. The tradition for my birthday is to have a DQ ice cream cake and this one was one of the best decorated ever.

The team themselves have locked up 2nd place and are going to play at home against Toronto in the first round. Their game next week against BC is meaningless for them but BC needs to win it if they want to get into the playoffs (and Edmonton needs to lose to Saskatchewan). Here’s hoping my Cats are able to string a win or more together in the playoffs!

Hamilton mounts 4th quarter comeback!

19 09 2010

Hamilton hung around for the first three quarters and didn’t make big enough mistakes to eliminate themselves from the game which allowed them in the 4th quarter to turn the momentum and comeback by scoring a bunch of points and frustrating the offense of the Lions.

Thanks to Travis, I got tickets to see the game in person along with my parents, brother and nephews which was a lot of fun. The weather was cooperative, the atmosphere was energetic and the game was close, competitive and thoroughly entertaining. Congrats to the TiCats for going above .500 again and for beating a team other than Winnipeg and Toronto; I’m hoping they can improve their game and beat some of the better teams as well.

Ti Cats on a roll!

11 09 2010

My Ti-Cats (5-4) have had a lot of bad years in a row but lately they’ve started to show a bit of promise in winning their last 4 games straight (something they haven’t done since ’98). Tomorrow they play the Alouettes (6-3), who, without their superstar QB last week lost to BC (2-8) and are without him again tomorrow. If the Ti-Cats are able to get a win that would put them in a tie for first in the East; a feat that they haven’t seen much of in the last few years – I’m optimistic!

Tragic Finish

29 11 2009

How true

“The 13th man is yOUR worst nightmare”

I was cheering for a good Grey Cup game and I really got one – I would have liked the ending much better with Saskatchewan winning it and Duval being the scapegoat he deserved to be. That said, I’m happy for Calvillo, Chiu and Cahoon who are the heart of Montreal and deserve a Grey Cup win; congrats on the win – well deserved.

If it was Hamilton losing that one, I’d be beside myself like in ’89. Painful.

TSN plays spoiler

15 11 2009


Argh! I dislike TSN at the best of times but this one really burnt my butt.

I really wanted to watch the TiCats game but I wasn’t available to watch it when it was actually on. No worries, I thought – I’ll just watch it on TSN’s broadband service a little after the game is finished. I turned off my emails, steered clear of facebook and isolated myself so I could enjoy the game free from all football spoilers. Beforehand, I log on to TSN’s Broadband site and go to the CFL Games on Demand section so I don’t accidentally see the highlights or anything else instead of the game itself. Every 15 to 30 minutes I hit refresh to see if the game is up and ready to be watched yet when I spotted the spoiler in the picture above.

How annoying is that? The only place that I can be to watch the game and they spoil it right there for me – are they trying to save themselves some bandwidth serving or something, man that’s annoying. I should have stuck to watching it live on Justin.tv instead which is pretty good and consistently available.

I guess the positive is that I didn’t waste my afternoon watching football – maybe I’ll have a nap instead. Better luck next year Hamilton and congrats on the decent season; tough loss to BC.

TiCats in the postseason!!

9 11 2009

For the first time in 5 seasons the TiCats (9-9) will be in the playoffs and for the first time in 8 years, they’ll be hosting the game; I’m excited! By beating the Blue Bombers yesterday, Winnipeg (7-11) was removed from the playoffs and Hamilton won the right to host the game. It means that Hamilton will be playing the Lions (8-10) who have had a lot of troubles at QB in the last little while with 4 of their QB’s getting injured already this season. The QB that BC will be starting will likely be starting his very first game with the Lions – IMO that means the TiCats have a very good chance at winning this game… only to be thrown in with the Alouettes (15-3!) a week later which neither team will be favored to win, I wouldn’t expect.


10 10 2009


I’ve certainly had this conversation (or thought) a few times; what would happen if a CFL team would play an NFL team? How bad would the CFL team get beaten?

Turns out that this was something that people have been asking for awhile and there were actually some games in the 50′s and early 60′s that did exactly this. Of the 7 games I was able to find out about, only one time did a CFL team beat their NFL opponent; that would be the Hamilton TiCats beating the Buffalo Bills on August 8th, 1961 (38-21).

There were some interesting factoids about the game and era, here’s a few from the links above:

  • The NFL had more money and better talent, but there was not a staggering difference. The NFL had to bid against the CFL for players. College stars usually went to play in the NFL, but a fair number chose Canada.
  • A mixed set of rules was used. Half of each game was played under Canadian rules and half under NFL rules. When the Canadian team had the ball in both halves, the teams lined up a yard apart as in CFL play. In both halves, when the NFL team had the ball, the teams lined up head-to-head.
  • When the NFL team had the ball, the American-sized football was used. When the CFL team had the ball, the Canadian-sized ball was used.
  • The Buffalo Bills finished 6-8 in 1961, last place in the AFL East. Hamilton went 10-4-0 to finish first in the East and out-dueled Toronto in the playoffs to advance to the Grey Cup.
  • It would mark the last time the CFL and NFL/AFL met for game action.

Here is the history of the CFL and the current differences in game rules from the NFL.

This year, Hamilton is finally putting things together after having way to many miserable seasons in a row. They’re currently 6-7 in a weak division and looking very good to get a playoff spot.

TiCats over .500!

20 07 2009

Photo: The Canadian Press

On Saturday, the TiCats beat the Blue Bombers to bring their record over .500 for the first time since the end of the 2004 season – that’s 5 seasons ago; but that barely counts, just because one game stood at a tie to leave their season at 9-8-1. We’d probably have to look back to 2001 for a real winning season (at 11-7).

So far this year, the TiCats (2-1) have beat Winnipeg (1-2), BC (1-2) and lost to Toronto (1-2) putting them at second in the East; they haven’t been that high up in awhile…

Ti-Cats are really bad

14 10 2008

With good reason, I haven't done a CFL post in about 10 months. My team, the dreadful Ti-Cats are 3-12 so far this season, officially eliminating themselves from the playoffs again; their history of non-excellence is propelling them through another epic-fail season.

This brings their 7 year win-loss total to 32-90 meaning that they win just over a quarter of their games.

Let's take a look by the year:

YearWinsLossesTiesTotal GamesWinning Percentage
2008315 1817%
2007315 1817%
2006414 1822%
2005513 1828%
2003117 186%
2002711 1839%

Ouch, I really wish they'd do a bit better. This is probably all strategy though, just making sure they get all the good draft picks; yeah, that's what they're doing.