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Megaman Printable Coloring Pages

5 06 2012

My kids love coloring pages so I thought I’d make a few of them with Megaman. If you like them and want others, let me know and I can probably make them.

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Megaman Cross Stitch Project Complete

4 06 2012

By the Numbers:

  • 764 days to complete (2 years, 1 month, 3 days)
  • over 56,500 X’s (8 scenes were 81 X 81 X 8 = 52,488 X’s plus title = 4,318 X’s and boss names = a few more)
  • 17 DMC skeins completely used up (10 black and 7 of various colors)
  • 43 different colors used
  • only black, white and Megaman’s flesh color were used on all 9 panels
  • most color on a single panel is Crashman with over 71% black
  • overall finished size is 2′ 8″ X 13″ (each boss panel is 5 3/4″ square)

See all the individual panels here.

And, I think that I’m done cross stitching for a while. I’ll have to figure out what my next project will be.

Airman Completed, Project Finished!

2 06 2012

Well, it took a long time but I’ve finally finished the last Megaman panel in the cross stitching extravaganza, I now only have to put all the sheets together and put it up on the wall. I’ll do a final post when that happens.

See the others here.

Crashman completed

30 05 2012

I did the last two megaman panels together and recently finished Crashman (the 8th panel) and have yet to complete Airman (only the white is left which is the least fun color cause nothing happens!)

See the others here.

Woodman is done

21 06 2011

This one took a long time but I finally finished the Woodman boss scene and in turn, finished the whole second panel. Next, I’m off to do Airman (who is the 7th of 8 total) – see my others here.

Heatman Stitching Complete

2 04 2011

It took me almost 3 months which was by far the longest, but I finally finished heatman’s stage so I’m 5/8 done the boss scenes; 3 more to go! Next up is woodman.

See all my megaman stuff here.

Android with WiiController

28 01 2011

It took a little doing but on my recently rooted and rom’d HTC Incredible, I was able to hook up a WiiController using Bluetooth in order to play old NES games. This would work just as well for SNES games or pretty much anything else that’s 16 bit or older. Obviously, the first game up is MegaMan2!

Here’s a poorly recorded video of how it works:

Running MegaMan 2 on my HTC Inredible from Matthew H on Vimeo.

Bubbleman Stitching Complete

6 01 2011

I completed Bubbleman a few weeks ago and then went to work on the text below all the previous ones that I had done (you can see it on the picture above). I’m on to Heatman next and have now hit the half way point of this project! See all my megaman stuff here.

Quick Man Stitching done

3 11 2010

I’ve finally finished the third stage of my Megaman II stitching project. Each one of these has taken me a little over a month and I have 5 more to go now. This Quick Man stage was a lot of fun because there’s a lot of detail to work through and not too much solid color (which is easy but not as interesting).

On to Bubble Man stage next!

Megaman Title completed

20 09 2010

You can view some of my old megaman projects here but the latest one that I finished is the big header on the main sheet which brings this sheet to completion. This time, I made the pattern myself based off the title screen of the game (play it here!)

I actually started my next stage already (QuickMan) and have got a good amount done, so hopefully I’ll be able to post that completed stage in a few weeks.