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Habs and Canucks in Playoffs

13 04 2011

The NHL playoffs are now upon us and my two favorite teams, the Habs and the Canucks have both made the cut, the latter in spectacular fashion as they got the President’s Trophy for being at the top of the whole league. Fortunately for me, I’m not going to have to pick which team to cheer for as my two teams couldn’t possibly meet until the Stanley Cup Final which is a long shot, so for now, I’m happy with my split loyalty.

I’ve probably lost a heavenly jewel in my crown for the image above, but I don’t think I needed that one anyway. In both Montreal and Vancouver, Jesus (and televised political debates) take a back seat to hockey.

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Habs are in, Leafs are out

6 04 2011

Nothing could be better for a Habs fan, to make the playoffs and have the Maple Leafs not make it in. All is as it should be.

Canadiens advance to round 2

29 04 2010

On the back of some amazing goaltending by Halak, the Canadiens have beaten the top team in the league (Capitals) after being down 3-1 in the series. I was able to watch the game 7 yesterday and it was a tense one; it felt like the Habs were resting on their early goal for far too long but the amazing goaltending held them and they were able to get the massive win.

The Habs haven’t been to the second round since ’07 when they lost to the Flyers and they haven’t made it past the second round since ’92 when they won the Cup against the Kings. They’re off to face the Penguins who they’ve only faced one other time (in ’97) and beat them in the first round 4-2.

In other great news, my other new favorite team, the Canucks, have also made it to 2nd round by beating the Kings 4-2 in the series. They’re off to re-face the Blackhawks who they lost to last year 2-4. Congrats to Henrick Sedin for winning the league scoring title (Art Ross trophy) with 112 points – first time for a Canuck.

Lastly, congrats to my local Abbotsford Heat (Calgary Flames’ farm team) on beating the Rochester Americans (Florida Panthers farm team) after being down 3-1 in that series. Good luck in the next round against the Hamilton Bulldogs (Montreal Canadiens farm team); I’m not quite sure who I’m cheering for there.

CBC HNIC groupie

9 05 2009

Yesterday morning as I was traveling back to Vancouver from the East coast, I made a stop in Chicago and picked up the whole CBC Hockey Night in Canada crew including (and not limited to) Scott Oake, Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson and Marc Crawford. They had just finished covering the Vancouver vs Chicago game in which Chicago eeked out a win in the last few minutes of the game, tough loss for the Canucks. They were mostly in first class so we didn’t get a chance to talk about what was all happening in the series but it was cool to see them; if famous people that I’ve seen fascinates you, you gotta check out this post.

2009 NHL playoffs

25 04 2009

(those are all ‘C’ logos – interesting)

So, my Habs made it in to the playoffs but no further without even being able to muster one win against the mighty Bruins and only leading for something like 25 minutes in the whole series – sheesh. I don’t think that anyone guessed that series’ outcome incorrectly but it would have been nice to be a bit more surprised.

Since I’m a BC boy now, the Canucks have climbed the ranks to my second favorite team and it was great to see them sweep the Blues – hopefully they can carry some of that momentum over to the next round after their nice break. I’m hoping the Flames can make it to the next round also – it would be nice to see them hang around for a little while longer to keep the Canucks company.

All of my least favorite Canadian teams didn’t even make it. I mean, I’d rather have any of these teams than US ones, but if CDN ones have to be shut out, these are the first ones to go.

Best shootout goals

2 04 2009

Julie Jacobson / AP

CBC has a poll asking which of these 4 was the best shootout goal – have a check and make your vote:

Marek Malik’s between-the-legs marvel
Linus Omark’s speedy lob job
Robbie Schremp’s no-ice niftiness
Steve Stamkos’s behind-the-back beauty

On to Round 2!

21 04 2008

So the Habs were able to make slow work of the Bruins with a convincing 5-0 win in the crucial game 7 at home here in Montreal. Next round is against either Philly or the Rangers – should be a good second round!!

Habs win their conference!!

6 04 2008

They’re the best in the East and for their first round of the playoffs they get to face the Boston Bruins who they’ve beaten in all 8 of their 8 meetings this year. I’m hoping that trend continues.

The Canadian teams in the playoffs this year are:

These poor suckers couldn’t cut the mustard…

As a side project, I’m jumping on the Capitals bandwagon and cheering on their miracle season – those guys are inspired and I hope that the Habs don’t have to face them.

Habs in the playoffs!

25 03 2008


The Habs are the third team to lock up a playoff berth after Detroit and San Jose did it recently. Now on top of the Eastern conference they’re looking to win the conference in the last stretch here; pretty impressive considering Saku wasn’t thinking too much of the team at the beginning of the year (I’m sure that he’s happy to be wrong though).

Habs mount amazing comeback!

20 02 2008

Yesterday, the Habs won after trailing by five goals which is a franchise record come from behind win for the historic team. What an amazing game that I would have loved to watch – the Bell Center was roaring by the time the game went to overtime where Saku Koivu won it for them in the shootout – way to go Habs!