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Seinfeld connection to Breaking Bad

18 02 2013

I enjoyed doing this last time with Seinfeld to Twin Peaks so I thought I’d relive the fun with the other last TV show I watched, Breaking Bad, and its connection to Seinfeld.  I noticed that someone also made a video of a bunch of these.

Bryan Cranston

bryan cranston seinfeld bryan cranston breaking bad

Anna Gunn

anna gunn seinfeld anna gunn breaking bad

Bob Odenkirk

bob odenkirk seinfeld bob odenkirk breaking bad

Jessica Hecht

jessica hecht seinfeld1 jessica hecht seinfeld2 jessica hecht breaking bad

Larry Hankin

larry hankin seinfeld larry hankin breaking bad

Mark Harelik

mark harelik seinfeld mark harelik breaking bad

Nigel Gibbs

nigel gibbs seinfeld nigel gibbs breaking bad

Myra Turley

myra turley seinfeld myra turley breaking bad

Movies I've watched recently:

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Seinfeld connection to Twin Peaks

8 02 2013

It’s no secret that I’m a big Seinfeld fan and in my recent wanderings through Twin Peaks the last month, there have been a lot of connections between the two shows, here are the ones I caught on my own:

Warren Frost

warren frost seinfeld warren frost twin peaks

Grace Zabriskie

grace zabriskie seinfeld grace zabriskie twin peaks

Ian Abercrombie

ian abercrombie seinfeld ian abercrombie twin peaks

Brenda Strong

brenda strong seinfeld brenda strong twin peaks

Frances Bay

frances bay seinfeld frances bay seinfeld2 frances bay twin peaks

Molly Shannon

molly shannon seinfeld molly shannon twin peaks

Walter Olkewicz

walter olkewicz seinfeld walter olkewicz twin peaks

And the ones I got help on:

Clive Rosengren

clive rosengren seinfeld clive rosengren seinfeld2 clive rosengren twin peaks

Don Amendolia

don amendolia seinfeld don amendolia twin peaks

Jack McGee

jack mcgee seinfeld jack mcgee twin peaks

Jed Mills

jed mills seinfeld jed mills twin peaks

John Apicella

john apicella seinfeld john apicella twin peaks

Zilch completed (pretty much)

22 06 2012

I’ve been playing Zilch on Kongregate on and off for well over a year in order to get all 119 achievements. The problem was always staying consistent with the same browser and not losing all your achievements when you move to a new computer.

Of all the available achievements, I’m only missing 4, they are:

  • Ma-hoo-hassive score!: Taking 6,000 pts on one turn – I’ve been trying with reckless abandon for about 40 games and have still not got this achievement – I’ve been over 5000 2 or 3 times, but haven’t crossed 6000 yet.
  • Lifetime Zilcher: 100 wins in total – these last three just require putting in more mindless time and I don’t intend on reaching them
  • Zilch Fiend: Finish at least 200 games
  • Gold Plated Zilch Machine: Finish at least 500 games


Happy 11/11/11 11:11:11a

11 11 2011


See 10′s, 9′s and 8′s, only one more to go!!

Free Movie Theatre showing

20 10 2011

Across Canada, Cineplex theatres are having a free morning showing on Saturday, Oct 22nd for a variety of movies and snacks are just $2 each; proceeds go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Check out the promo listing page to find your nearest theatre and the movies that are going to be playing.

Is Dental Insurance worth it?

18 10 2011

I wanted to figure out at what point it’s better to have dental insurance for the family vs. just paying with cash as I don’t have any coverage with my work; so here goes.

I was basing it on Blue Cross’ posted rates for a family ($783 + $100 deductible). They pay out 60% of the cost in the first year (70% in second and 80% after that) up to a maximum of $500 per person per year in year 1; $750 in year 2 and $1000 in year 3.

For the four people in our family, we would need to pay the dentist an average of $368 per person in the first year to break even against paying cash (up to a total of $833 per person). On Year 2, we would need to average $315 to a max of $1071 and on year 3+ the average would need to be $276 with a per person maximum of $1250.

It seems like you’d need to spend a lot on dental in order to make this work but maybe having insurance would make your dental hygiene more of a priority and less of a problem down the road. Also, if you kept it around for a little while; in Year 3, your whole family insurance can be worth it for one person’s big bill.

Here’s the spreadsheet that I did my calculations on

My New Hobby – Making Bubbles!

17 09 2011

I got inspiration to make my own carbonation system from lifehacker (twice!) and lots of great ideas from other people who have done a similar thing so I decided to try to make one myself.

I was researching parts online and in town and figured it was going to cost a couple of hundred dollars to get a tank and regulator plus all the other little parts that I’d need, which was a little bit much for me. Very fortunately, in the middle of my researching, I happened cross a garage sale where a guy was selling two of his tanks, with a regulator for a steal of a deal – I was in!

I spent some time at Al’s Supply House where the helpful staff assisted me in getting the weird things that I needed as well as at Lordco for my tire valve stem in the bottle top. I really wanted to find the carbonator cap locally but haven’t been able to yet so I may get lucky when I go to California next at Carbonic Services. I was considering getting a new regulator as mine was a bit sketchy bit have since come around to trust my present one with the new Wika pressure gauge I got from my neighbor.

At this point, I was able to make delicious bubbly seltzer water for basically no cost at all – awesome!! Next step is making pop, so we went off to HY Louie to grab a bunch of syrups which have made us some delicious soda (Started with Root Beer, Vanilla, Red Ruby Grapefruit and Toasted Marshmallow (that one is more for hot milk)). I’ve also tried carbonating chocolate milk (ala Yoo Hoo) which was not so great and making a New York Egg Cream which was not all that great either. We still have high hopes for carbonated fruit juices which we haven’t done yet.

I also had to find a place to refill my tanks when the eventually get empty and found a couple of options in Al’s, Weldco or Airgas.

Here are some pictures of my present setup, enjoy!

Bayne’s are back together officially

29 08 2011

The Bayne’s were granted full rights to their four children last week so they are now thankfully all together. I’ve been following this miscarriage of justice for 2 1/2 years which has been heartbreaking to see the justice system fail and prolong them so many times; it’s good to be done after 4 years of them being without their children.

Bayne’s Reunited!!

27 07 2011

I couldn’t be happier for the Bayne’s that after almost 4 years of having their children legally stolen, they’re being returned. Congratulations to them, what wonderful people they have been found out to be.

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

15 07 2011

It’s not every day you cyber-meet a man with a passion for what he does. This man who runs Galco’s Soda Pop Stop has passion for soda, bubbles, flavors and has some strong opinions on corn sweetener, Pepsi and an assortment of other topics. His shop is in LA area and I happen to find myself in LA often so I may have to check it out.

Despite mostly giving up pop, almost all the flavors he was describing, with their slight nuances and histories were all interesting – I’d even go for the Rose water stuff! I’m going to have to stop in!

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